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Jayne Embraces Her Inner-Foodie

foodie1by Jayne Chobot

Foodie is not a word that I enjoy or use to call myself. I do like food, a lot, and after years of working in hospitality and with a healthy dose of curiosity, I know quite a bit about it. I even cook it. But really I’m just a very passionate and sensual person, enjoying all senses with equal vigor. A great meal in my book satisfies all of them; it’s beautifully presented, obviously it smells and tastes good, and it’s enjoyed while surrounded with good company. Continue reading

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A Cafe Momentum Success Story

by Jayne Chobot             photos by Robert Bostick

Café Momentum hosted their latest pop-up dinner fundraiser prepared by the amazing Dallas chef Michael Ehlert. This is an exciting time for the non-profit program, with its new (and first) Executive Director, Chad Houser, having turned in his chef coat for a suit this month. With the incredible meal provided courtesy of Campo and the young, spirited, and talented gentlemen in the Café Momentum program, the flowing wine courtesy of Oak Cliff Cellars, and the intriguing conversations throughout the restaurant, guests still could not stop remarking on how much fun (and how impressive!) it was to see Chef Houser all dressed up. Guests were assured that it was not something they should get used to, however.       Continue reading

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Jayne Behind the Wheel

by Jayne Chobot

It is a long story as to why I didn’t get my first driver’s license until 2 weeks prior to my thirty-third birthday. While I did live in New York City for most of my adult life and certainly didn’t need to drive during that time, I’m not actually from NY so that’s not really an excuse. Mostly I was just too damn busy. I spent the summers of my teen years living in a small beach town where I could walk or bike everywhere, and during the rest of the year I was so involved in school and local theater that I couldn’t be bothered to find the time to learn to drive. We weren’t allowed to have cars on campus at my small university in Pennsylvania anyway, and then I high-tailed it up to the big bad Big Apple as soon as I could.     Continue reading

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Jayne Blazes A Katy Trail

by Jayne M. Chobot

I come from a family of geniuses. My running joke is that if I’m good they let me set the table pretty. I am the oldest of four children, born to parents who are still, 33 years later, happily married (and sometimes disgustingly so). One of the many differences between me and the rest of my family is that I seem to be the only one who did not get the running gene. I briefly gave it a half-hearted shot in junior high, but I was much more interested in aesthetics; always content with music, dance, food, and decorating the world in various ways.     Continue reading


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The Importance Of Momentum

by Jayne M. Chobot      photos by Robert Bostick (taken at Private Social event)

I love my job. I learn and grow with every project I do, with every interaction I have. It has allowed me to have some amazing experiences that I may not have had without it. When I leave my company this September, I will have traveled around the world, spoken one-on-one with world leaders, played with schoolchildren in Cape Town, toured a chocolate factory in Vancouver, danced at a gala in Prague, and biked through Montmartre just hours the after the Dallas Mavericks won the 2011 NBA Championship. I even met my soon-to-be husband through my company, 3 years ago this month. I have the pleasure to work for over a hundred top executives around the world, the smartest and most successful in their industry. My job requires me to function well in high-stress situations, to be diplomatic, organized and self-motivated, and to work collaboratively with a wide variety of people from many different cultures and backgrounds.

Whenever I end up explaining exactly what it is that I do, which is quite often, the next question I am almost always asked is “what kind of background do you have to get a job like that?”

I always smile and simply tell them that I worked in hospitality.   Continue reading


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In a NY Minute: Guide to Germany and Poland

by Jayne M. Chobot

I am full-on in the weeds in my professional life these days and have no idea what time zone I am in right now. But I didn’t want to wait too much longer to write about some of our experiences in Germany and Poland last week as jet lag has a wretched effect on memory. So to get this done I will revert back to my New York disposition and give it to you quick, to the point, and without all of the niceties that get in the way of efficiency. That is, after all, also the German way.
Should you ever need to fly through Frankfurt, stop there instead and rent a car for the weekend. Drive the hour and a half to the quaint little town of Bacharach on the Rhine River and stay in a charming hotel built onto a Medieval wall where your window view includes a castle and the remains of a cathedral.

Walk through on the cobblestone streets and hike up into the vineyards and have a cup of coffee in that castle and enjoy the view of the river valley early in the morning. Should you take a boat up the Rhine to see the Rheinsfels Castle in St. Goar, be sure to confirm the return times. If you don’t and the boat doesn’t arrive, take the train and don’t worry if the ticket machine doesn’t work- the conductor is cool.

Continue reading

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