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Bread Winners Café & Bakery Passes to New Ownership

After nearly three decades, Bread Winners Café & Bakery Founders, Jim and Cindy Hughes, have sold the twenty-eight-year-old Bread Winners brand to Josh Bock of Stratega Capital but it’s a dream scenario for the couple, as Bock plans to keep the current management team in place – which includes two of Hughes four children and many long-time employees. Josh will take over not only the four Bread Winners Café & Bakery locations and Bread Winners Catering division, but Uptown’s popular Quarter Bar as well. Harlowe MXM and Henry’s Majestic are not a part of the merger and will remain with the Hughes family.

“Deciding to move on from this concept we’ve poured so much of our lives into was a bittersweet decision, but we felt the timing was right. We are looking forward to spending more time with our grandkids and family, but we will miss our Bread Winners family,” said Jim Hughes.

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Where In Germany Was German Chocolate Cake First Made? Dallas, Texas

german chocolateby Steven Doyle

Many believe that with the name “German” in its name that it must have some sort of Bavarian roots, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. If you are a fan of this cake you actually have  Dallas to thank for the lovely pastry. Continue reading

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Best Bloody Mary In Dallas And Beyond

bm1by Steven Doyle

Most of the best cocktails have a rumor surrounding Ernest Hemingway, and that is a legend we would like to believe and it is the premise today with our look at the Bloody Mary and her delicious origins.

Fernand Petiot claimed to have invented the Bloody Mary in 1921, well before any of the later claims such as Life Magazine in 1942. He was working at the New York Bar in Paris at the time, which later became Harry’s New York Bar, a frequent Paris hangout for Ernest Hemingway and other American expatriates. Harry’s Bar also claims to have created numerous other classic cocktails, including the White Lady and the Side Car.   Continue reading

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Bread Winners & the Quarter Bar Undergo a Patio Renovation in Uptown



Bread Winners Café & Bakery and the Quarter Bar announced that they have embarked on a comprehensive patio renovation that should be compete by mid to late November. The patio for both concepts will double in size, have new modern patio furniture, pet-friendly areas and gorgeous new landscaped spaces.   Continue reading

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Jayne Behind the Wheel

by Jayne Chobot

It is a long story as to why I didn’t get my first driver’s license until 2 weeks prior to my thirty-third birthday. While I did live in New York City for most of my adult life and certainly didn’t need to drive during that time, I’m not actually from NY so that’s not really an excuse. Mostly I was just too damn busy. I spent the summers of my teen years living in a small beach town where I could walk or bike everywhere, and during the rest of the year I was so involved in school and local theater that I couldn’t be bothered to find the time to learn to drive. We weren’t allowed to have cars on campus at my small university in Pennsylvania anyway, and then I high-tailed it up to the big bad Big Apple as soon as I could.     Continue reading

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Breadwinners Nabbing Cibus Space

by Steven Doyle

Earlier today we announced that Cibus was closing at NorthPark, and quick on the heels of that announcement Breadwinners steps up to say they have negotiated the space and will opening in late-September. The location is on the first level overlooking CenterPark and adjacent to La Duni.

The 5,300 square foot site will feature a vintage eclectic design style speckled with antiques and unique “found” items. Most impressive will be the 5,000 sq. ft. patio that will feature al fresco dining in a family-friendly atmosphere. This location will also boast the first display style bakery where guests can watch the artisan bakers at work.           Continue reading


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