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Christmas Night Curry Pop Up At Windmill

CHRISTMASby Steven Doyle

Imagine with me if you will. It is Christmas Day. Your family, from you dear old uncle to the slew of nieces and nephews, have been crawling all over you demanding your attention all day. You have eaten all the roast beast, watched all the games you could possibly want, and even taken in a video of A Christmas Story… three times in the same day.  You are ready for a little “me time”.  If the Christmas night crowds at the bars in Dallas are any indication, everyone suffers from this family overload syndrome. We have a deal for you. Consider it a gift.   Continue reading

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Two Pig Pop Ups


by Steven Doyle

Mike Gibson and Justin Holt of Lucia will be hosting two popups on the 14th and the 21st of September. Look for their special Red Wattle porchetta with all the accouterments, plus a specialty cocktail for a mere $20 per person starting at 6:30pm at the Windmill Lounge. This event is sponsored by Angels Envy bourbon, Pilar rum and Fever Tree.  The Windmill Lounge is located at 5320 Maple Ave.  Continue reading

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Chef Justin Holt Ramen Night At Windmill Lounge Aug 9

DSC00925by Steven Doyle

Have you been thinking about those crazy midnight ramen nights that Lucia chef Justin Holt did at a whole variety of Oak Cliff locations? He is back at it again. You will once again be able to enjoy Holt’s soothing broth with all the accouterments, including that super delicious egg, for a mere five dollars a bowl.

Join chef Holt at the Windmill Lounge located at 5320 Maple Avenue next Saturday, August 9th for midnight ramen madness. Best to secure your place in the chow line early and enjoy one of Charlie Pap’s cocktails.



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Win This: Charlie Papaceno Wants To Bartend At Your Private Party

charlieby Steven Doyle

The first gift we are offering to our readers dabbles in Human Trafficking. We offer you one of the best bartenders in Dallas. Charlie Papaceno is well known in the cocktailing community as the amiable and bright star at the Windmill Lounge. Charlie not only makes a proper pot of chili, but he also mixes a fantastic cocktail.   Continue reading


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