A Trip To Square Burger In McKinney

by Steven Doyle

What do you do with a chef who graduated from the California Culinary Academy, worked at Spago, Abacus, Five Sixty and numerous other spots of similar caliber? Some might say have the chef move to McKinney and open a café that sells  great burgers and beer. That is the case with chef Craig Brundege who operates Square Burger in McKinney.

Square Burger has been running strong for over four years offering their power-house line up of great burgers and daily specials that will often include fresh fish and pastas. But what drives us 30 miles up I75 to downtown McKinney from the inner-workings of Dallas are those haunting burgers.  

The lamb burger is a stand out and is similar to a gyro, but on a bun. The burger is sauced with a tzatziki sauce, crumbles of fresh feta and mounds of red onion. The bun is a top topper made at Empire, the only choice for a great bun in this city.

Each burger is adorned with a fried pickle. Not the sad, limp chip, but nearly a whole pickle that is firm and bursts with juicy flavor.

The beef is a locally grown grass type, so has a better flavor and is so much better for you than the chemi-cows we are so used to being fed. The cheese used for the burgers is also a local product made in Deep Ellum by Paula Lambert at the Mozarella Company.

Another great feature of Square Burger is that is is actually on the square in McKinney. This is a vibrant, functional downtown full of restaurants, shops and people. Perfect for strolling and slurping up the very last of the square burger ice cream sandwich you make off with.

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