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Truluck’s Stone Crab Takedown

stonecrabby Steven Doyle

I recently wrote about the marvel that is the stone crab and all of its glory, such as heavy sustainability, deliciously sweet and dense claw meat, and it’s short fishing season which ends May 15th.

I also wrote about the hot deal that Truluck’s has on their stone crab each Monday where the claws are $79 for as many as you care to enjoy. In full disclosure I have been to truluck’s many times but never participated in the crab feast. It sounded exactly like something that would thrill me. I checked into Truluck’s last evening and guess what? It thrilled me.  Continue reading

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Copper River Salmon Season Starts May 15

copperriverby Steven Doyle

We rely on a few local sources for a seafood knowledge, TJ’s Seafood Market in Dallas and Sea Breeze in Plano. Today Jon Alexis owner of TJ’s reminds us that it will soon be Copper River salmon season. Look for the delicious and rich fleshy fish with that creamy, omega-3 rich fat to start arriving May 15th. Alexis said he will wait a few days until the frenzy stops and the prices adjust to a normal price.   Continue reading

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