Best Restaurants For Fried Chicken In Dallas 2023

chickenby Steven Doyle

We love our fried chicken and have been seeking out the very best Dallas has to offer. We scoured the streets and found some with an ethnic twist, others are straight forward crispy fried and juicy.

We had to eliminate a few that didn’t qualify as traditional, such as Bon Mua’s fried Cornish hen, which is still worth making the drive to Carrollton.  In making our list we were shocked at how many plates of fried chicken we had sampled over the past months. Col Sanders would have said he was too drunk to taste that chicken after just a few of these places.

Enjoy our list which is in no particular order. We tried to give a good mix between the more refined and the more obvious yard birds.

babesBabes: The standard by which all fried chicken should be judged. The location in Roanoke seems more authentic, but there are plenty of locations, including the cousin store, Bubba’s.  Brined so it carries saltiness and served up with some amazing sides including fluffy biscuits and plenty of house-made creamed corn.

mikesMike’s: Found in the unlikely world of a laundry Mike’s has some pretty damned good fried chicken. With a slew of homemade sauces, and a great version of Nashville fried chicken, Mike’s chicken is always fresh and made to order.

img_4292Whistle  Britches: Back in 2016, Chef Omar Flores had one thing in mind – serve the tastiest, juiciest and crunchiest bird in town. Whistle Britches offers pickle-brined bird, farm-fresh ingredients and soulful cooking, prepared in a scratch kitchen that’s always baking fresh buttermilk biscuits for some of the best fried chicken sandwiches in town.

roots.jpgRoots Chicken Shak: Located in the massive Legacy Hall, Roots is owned and operated by the legendary Top Chef Tiffany Derry. You will often fiend the chef behind the fryers cranking out her lovely duck fat fried chicken.

celebrationCelebration: This home-cooking Mecca has been in business for a fast and friendly forty years serving up chicken fried steaks, meatloaf, catfish and southern fried chicken. The sides are sturdy and the chicken is light and crispy. For those with a “get in me belly” outlook on lunch, you may order as many plate refills as you can sample.

rudysRudy’s Chicken: If you enjoy a little theater with your dinner, Rudy’s is the place to check out. This Oak Cliff hot spot serves its fried chicken simple, hot, and delicious. Served atop a few slices of white bread (presumably to soak up any extraneous grease) and a side of spicy peppers, Rudy’s is inexpensive and delicious. For less than three dollars you can get a meal of fries, two pieces of chicken, and those peppers. The seasoning that is added after is salty and addictive. 3115 S Lancaster.

fearingsFearing’s: This version is a paper bag “shook” and a favorite recipe of Dean Fearing’s grandmother. Who can argue with that? This chicken is only served on Sunday and most likely gets its extra bit of goodness from that paper bag; but whatever the logic it is one of the best in the city.

chicken house1Chicken House: This is your basic fried chicken done very well. The crust is substantial, well-seasoned and perfected amiably. This is another example of a ghetto bird that will have you driving circles around the building for a closer inspection, but all is good in the house of hen. 4839 Gaston Road

pecan lodgePecan Lodge: We have you looking twice, right? Yes, this is home to some pretty terrific brisket and made our top five list for the BBQ. But, the Fourton’s make some damned good chicken. The pieces are mammoth and served fresh with each order.

bbbopBbbop Seoul Kitchen: The restaurant with the fun name makes some excellent Korean fried chicken. We cannot get enough of this stuff. Light and airy coating that reveals an extremely juicing bird on the interior. Order with your choice of spicy chili or soy ginger sauce. Served with radish kimchi and one banchan.

DSC01731Street’s Fine Chicken: Created by the Street family which brought chicken fried steak to the masses with Black Eyed Pea so many years ago. The family may have the whole fried thing down to a fine art and certainly this version of fried chicken.

brick4Brick and Bones: Located in Deep Ellum Brick and Bones has this amazing chicken which you may order far into the night. Try their kick ass mac and cheese while at this.

slow1.jpegSlow Bone: Part of any balanced diet, brisket, fried okra, mac and cheese, fried chicken, and maybe banana pudding. Slow Bone is known for amazing brisket and equally as good fried chicken at the hands of the chicken whisperer Jeffrey Hobbs.


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  1. fred chaney

    Best chicken in Dallas without Bubba’s is a travesty!!!

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