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TacoBots Eating Dallas

by Danielle Leahy

Do you like tacos? Like really, really like tacos? Do you like meeting new people, discovering new places, and hanging out with like minded individuals? Well then join us for one of April’s Tacobot Meetups!

Space is limited so simply join our Tacobots! group page on Facebook and then RSVP to any of the three events we have going on in April. Our group page is dedicated to daily posts, pictures, recipes, jokes, and all things taco related so feel free to add your own.     Continue reading


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Wachu TacoBot Willis? Nueva Casita

by Danielle Leahy          photos by Bryan Coonrod

Nueva Casita on Blackwell is located in a charming little stone building behind the Half Price Books off Northwest Highway. Boasting an all taco menu for just the Tacobots with 9 different tacos (including crispy tacos, my illicit taco love affair) we got straight down to business so we could enjoy the Tuesday night Karaoke going on after we finished.

First up were the house chips and salsa. Maybe my taco eating powers have increased my spice handling capabilities (or maybe it was my tussle with Bryan’s insane Devil’s Blood salsa last meet up) but I found the house salsa could use a little more heat, luckily they have two more salsa’s (red and green) that packed the kind of punch we were looking for and they were more than happy to bring us out as much as we needed. And in a few cups of their delicious queso and we were ready to go.        Continue reading

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Whachu Tacobot Willis? Taqueria Pinocho

by Danielle Leahy        photos by Jacque Manaugh

Taqueria Pinocho is a true hole-in-the-wall style taco shop. Located in East Dallas off Carroll and Main Street we were surprised to see a large dining area with more than adequate seating available for families or large groups. With all their meats on display through the glass case and waiting to be chosen and cut, Taqueria Pinocho can handle large crowds of people and large numbers of tacos in a relatively short amount of time.

With a huge selection, consisting of all the regular street taco choices and a few more unusual ones to boot, the biggest obstacle to over come was the all Spanish menu. Luckily we found everyone behind the counter at Pinocho to be more than willing to help us and very excited to share their food.     Continue reading

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$100 Day Trips: Art is for Lovers

by Danielle Leahy                             photos by Jacque Manaugh

Hi, I’m the new Dallas, have we met?

Often bemoaned as a big name city with only small town fun, Dallas has long been considered a cultural wasteland of chain restaurants and pg rated community theater. Lacking in large scale public transportation, arts projects, or community involvement, for many of Dallas young professionals and up coming adults, a night on the town was usually limited to the current bar rotation on the fickle five hundred’s short list. Families trying to arrange weekend visits of public attractions could find little supporting infrastructure or options to make a drive into the city worth it for a family of four.      Continue reading


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Whachu Tacobot Willis? Mextopia

by Danielle Leahy   photos by Jacque Manaugh

Mextopia has long held a special spot in the hearts of the Tacobots. The site of our first ever Meetup, and the only place we have returned to multiple times Mextopia’s hospitable and the fun we had there is what morphed Tacobots from an online group page dedicated to taco talk into an actual taco eating club. Mextopia is also home of one of the best brisket tacos in Dallas Mextopia’s $2 Tacos and Tecate Tuesday’s are one of our favorite days of the week.   Continue reading

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Bicycle Taco Tour This Weekend

by Danielle Leahy

This Sunday January 15, 2012 fellow Tacobot Paul, from Bike Friendly Deep Ellum, will be hosting the el Tour de Taco. Starting at Pete’s Dancing Marlin at 1:30pm and then heading throughout Deep Ellum and downtown this leisurely Sunday ride is open for all levels of biking and taco enthusiasts and should end around 4:30pm.

With over 55 people already RSVP’d and the new announcement today that the tour will include a photo op at largest “taco like” sculpture in Texas this event is sure to be a don’t miss for those who love all things taco and bike related.    Continue reading

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