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Whachu Tacobot Willis? El Rincon De Villa

by Danielle Leahy       photos by Jacque Manaugh

Starting off the new year right and with street tacos on the lineup we decided to hit up El Rincon De Villa after some encouraging words and recommendations from the Tacobots Facebook page. El Rincon is a great little Mexican restaurant located off Greenville Ave and Park Lane this tiny yellow building holds a ton of great tacos. Painted a bright and cheery yellow and covered in old photos of Mexican outlaws along with hand painted Spanish sayings adorning the wall, this place was cute and comfortable from the moment we walked in.

Starting off with delicious warmed red salsa that packs the perfect punch and thin crispy chips the Bots got right down to business reviewing the taco options at El Rincon. With over seven street tacos available there are plenty of choices for everyone at El Rincon.        Continue reading

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Happy 1 Year Anniversary TacoBots

by Danielle Leahy

We give the TacoBots quite a bit of attention for a few reasons.  First, they love great tacos. Second, they have a pretty huge following on craveDFW.  And lastly, they are some pretty cool and diverse group. Here is a messsage from the head Bot.

What a year it has been! Our renegade Taco Eating Club continues to grow throughout DFW and we can not wait to all the things in store for 2012. Twelve months after the first official Facebook Group posting we have 358 members to date, 21 Meetups completed, 494 taco related photos from all around Dallas and the World uploaded, and dozens (sometimes hundreds) of daily posts for, about, and over NOTHING but Tacos.     Continue reading

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Wachu Tacobot, Willis? Top 5 Street Tacos of 2011

The TacoBots invade Pepe’s y Mito’s

by Danielle Leahy         photos by Jacque Manaugh

The street taco meet-ups got off to a rough start in 2011. It’s hard to find a taco stand that can hold 20 or more people, most of them non Spanish speakers, and many of which have not ever ordered real street tacos before. It’s limiting to say the least. For anyone still unaware “street” tacos or “traditional” Mexican tacos are usually quite small, served on 1-2 corn tortillas, and usually only topped with meat, onions, and cilantro with lime and salsa on the side.

They are usually also very cheap, $1.20 on average. Long limited to the gas stations, grocery stores and street corners around traditional Spanish neighborhoods traditional tacos or more specifically, ordering traditional street tacos, can seem like a scary experience for Tex-Mex lovers looking to try the real thing. So we before we begin our review of the five best street tacos and locations the Tacobots visited in 2011. Lets begin with a break down of the meats.             Continue reading


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Wachu TacoBot Willis: Our 5 Best Gourmet Tacos of the Year

by Danielle Leahy                photos by Jacque Manaugh

Before I begin my year end review of the top 5 gourmet tacos in Dallas I’d like to offer a few caveats. First of all I’m not a food reviewer, I’m a taco club founder and manager. I bring groups of people together (often strangers) to eat tacos and have fun. Most of the places we visit are because they have been recommended or have recieved plenty of buzz. The locations must be able to hold groups of twenty-plus Tacobots. That alone can cross a lot of the smaller taco stands, gas stations, or far away locations off the list.

That said I present to you what are in my opinion the five best gourmet tacos in Dallas as well as some my favorite places to grab a taco in the city. These are the locations the Tacobots had the most fun and enjoyed the best, and isn’t that what it’s all about? If you are looking to try something new or have friends in town wanting to see what Dallas has to offer on this burgeoning nation food trend of upscale tacos might the Tacobots suggest…       Continue reading

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Get Involved with the Holidays

by Danielle Leahy

Christmas is the season of love and what better way to show love for our fellow man than by giving your time and resources helping the less fortunate. There are numerous organizations, businesses, and groups raising money, gifts, and food for those in need. Today we will highlight five organizations throughout the DFW area focusing on the sick, the homeless, the elderly, children in need and the pets at the Dallas Animal Shelter.    Continue reading

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Wachu Tacobot Willis: Fuel City

by Danielle Leahy     photos by Jacque Manaugh

If Dallas street taco lover’s had a Mecca, Fuel City  would be it. Even for all the naysayer’s at trip, at the least, is a requirement to judge the state of taco affairs in our City. Fuel City has long been called Dallas Best Street Tacos and, for the most part, started the gas station taco trend in Dallas as we know it. But what’s beyond the hype? Are the tacos really that good? Well with the all new covered patio  in place that seats 70 the Tacobots decided to invade the parking-lot and find out the truth for themselves.

First, you should know about Fuel City is it is cash only so don’t get in line (and yes there is ALWAYS a line) before you visit the ATM located just a few feet down from the outside window.     Continue reading


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