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Fork Fight Recap: LUCK vs. Resto

DSC08989by Steven Doyle

Last night in Trinity Groves we experienced the latest chapter of Fork Fight. This is the bracket-style throw down between all the new restaurants that are soon to open in the area. Last night we enjoyed the hard fought battle between LUCK (Local Urban Craft Kitchen) and Resto Gastro Bistro.

Each restaurant presented four courses and paired each of those with beer, wine and cocktails. On the Resto side of the bar they included a ringer in Eddie “Lucky” Campbell, who is known in circles to be one of the better barmen in Dallas. Last night the man did not disappoint as he concocted some tasty libations including a version of an Old Fashioned that was hard to resist.  Continue reading

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Fork Fight Continues With A Battle Between LUCK And Resto Gastro Bistro

ff2by Steven Doyle

Fork Fight is a bracket-style battle between the soon-to-open restaurteurs in Trinity Groves, ten in all. The first few battles were meaty and furious, with tight but decisive victors who have moved up the line for a future competition. The last two Fork Fight battles were sold out, and the next fight will sell out very soon.

This Thursday a new battle is being waged between LUCK and Resto Gastro Pub. The evening begins at 7pm at 3015 in Trinity Groves and will feature beer, wine and cocktails, along with four courses times two for a total of eight dishes that you will sample in order to judge who moves up in the bracket challenge.

We just received an exclusive notice on a menu change and a highlight of the beverages that will be served that evening. Get your credit cards handy, you will want to buy a few of these seats.    Continue reading

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Fork Fight Battle With Chino Chinatown vs Kitchen LTO

DSC08861by Steven Doyle

Another edition of Trinity Grove’s Fork Fight battle is under our belts, all eight courses of it. Last night 282 hungry fans showed for a taste of the fun and witness the action between chefs Uno Immanivong (Chino Chinatown) and Norman Grim (Kitchen LTO). Both of the restaurants will open soon and if the crowd count is any indication, both will be wildly successful.

The evening started with a few fresh cocktails from Chino partner Adrian Verdin. One was a Latin play on a classic Sazarac using mescal and infused with chocolate.  These were powerfully delicious and a perfect way to begin the night.  Continue reading

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craveRADIO: July 15

radio3by Steven Doyle   photos by Robert Bostick

CraveRADIO was certainly interesting this weekend. We hosted SER execuchef Anthony Van Camp who shared with us his thoughts on converting Nana Grill into the steakhouse it is today. He brought in dinner for the crew at Crave, which was one of our favorite steaks in Dallas, the spinalis. Listen to the show at the link below to find out more what this steak is all about.

In addition, we also had on Julian Pagan, talented barman from Cedars Social who was in studio to share some of his favorite cocktail pairings and also make us a delicious Old Fashion which he thought paired best with Van Camp’s steak. As it turned out, the two are old friends and that made for an even more exciting program.   Continue reading

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There Was No Forking Around In Trinity Groves Last Night

fork5by Mary Szefcyk

Editor’s note: If you do not wish to read about the delicious goings on, please skip down to the last paragraph where you not only find out who wins this food battle, but you also will hear a tale of tattoos and Mexican wrestlers riding dragons. 

Trinity Grove’s  round one Fork Fight competition was a tremendous success last night.  Omar Flores of Casa Rubia and Yaser Khalaf of Souk battled against each other creating four delightful innovative dishes for you to be the judge.  Guests gathered eagerly anticipating a relaxing evening of food and wine while taking in the sounds of “DJ STRADIVARI The Violin Guy”.  For one fixed price of $75 you enjoy an open bar, mingling with fellow foodies, bubblies, cocktails, and doing what you love most.  Ticket holders luxuriate in a four course meal times two and that simply equals happiness.  How many chances do you get to devour two of everything by two different talented chefs?  I wish every meal on Earth could be served this way.           Continue reading

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Fork Fight Tomorrow In Trinity Groves

food fightby Steven Doyle

Not long ago we broke this marvelous story about a food fight that would commence in the Trinity Groves district. Fork Fight will allow you to meet the chefs and owners of all the restaurants that are opening this year, and there are quite a few of them. Check out our original story for the fun details on the bracket-style food competition that actually begins tomorrow evening at the 3015 event center.         Continue reading

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