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HG Sply Co. Opens Next Tuesday

interior bar table shot HG webby Jennifer Thomas           photos by Joy Zhang

HG Sply Co., located at 2008 Greenville Ave in Dallas, will open to the public on Tuesday, May 21st.  HG Sply Co, created by Elias Pope and his partners Gus Antos, Mark Zahem, Neville Govender, is a neighborhood grill and bar that was influenced by the “back to basics” philosophy of the Paleo diet. “It’s simple,” explains owner Elias Pope, “80% fresh, flavorful food that fuels your day and 20% indulgent ‘cheat day’ food for days that you want to splurge.”

All menu items are natural and/or organic and local when possible, but always from small producing American ranchers.  The chicken is from Windy Meadows (Campbell, Texas), the eggs are from Vital Farms (Austin, Texas); several of the meats are from Local Yocal (McKinney, Texas) or Broken Arrow Ranch (Ingram, Texas) with vegetables and fruits coming from a number of local farmers including Amelia Farms (Bells, Texas) and more.  A specially made 8-seed bread will be delivered fresh daily from Esmeralda’s Bakery in North Dallas.   Continue reading

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