People’s Choice Award: Best Restaurant

by Steven Doyle

We appreciate everyone’s love and attention this summer, and we feel the awards have gone over very well. We have the plaques ready to pass out and have given away dozens of gift cards from a whole host of restaurants in DFW to the people that make this work, specifically you. There is one more week after this award, and we appreciate you sticking with us through the voting process. 

This week we wish to give props to your favorite restaurant. It could be fine dining, it could be a mom and pop single unit. If your favorite restaurant is a dive, or a hot ethnic restaurant, we want to know. Your favorite restaurant could even be one of the many new food trucks that are buzzing around the area. This is completely your call.

So tell us, DFW, what is your favorite restaurant?


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73 responses to “People’s Choice Award: Best Restaurant

  1. Monica


  2. I’m a Parigi fan as well!

  3. Steve Kaeppel


  4. sroinuj


  5. Lucia for sure.

  6. kandea

    good 2 go taco in east dallas. seriously addictive!

  7. Yinlan

    i’m torn between Tei An and Lucia

  8. Jennifer

    None can compare to York Street

  9. Nancy

    Parigi!!!!! xoxox

  10. slade


  11. Bill McCain

    Pacific Cafe, quality and service that has stayed on top for years, a great restaurant.


  12. mica

    Saint Ann

  13. I have to say Lucia. Though, I haven’t been since they opened!

  14. Julia Contreras

    My favorite restaurant is The Grape! love the food the service is excellent!

  15. Matt M

    No love for Bolsa?

    Well that’s my vote.

  16. linus

    The Grape!

  17. amity thomas

    The Grape!!

  18. The Law

    SAINT ANN, awesome design with a brand-new menu!

  19. La Duni! It’s casual, the queso is life-changing, the fried chicken on that level, cakes are always delicious, and I’m always ridiculously gleeful about my meal. I’ve been told I’m picky, so maybe it means something.. mmm. And the garlic fried broccoli and asparagus I had the other day inspired me to attempt to mimic it. Lemony and delicious!

  20. Boobaleyyy

    Pffffff SAINT ANN………….

  21. RT

    The Grape!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Richey150

    The Grape of course!

  23. HT100

    No place better than The Grape.

  24. Beech

    The Grape hands down!

  25. Larla Jean

    Craft Dallas anyone? Spendy, but worth it. The lunch is actually a great deal now- can you say FREE salad and risotto balls!

  26. CRITIC

    Saint Ann after I tried the new chefs menu. Its very eclectic and the ambiance and lounge is awesome. Best patio in Dallas

  27. Enthusiastic Advocate

    The Grape!

  28. stacylouwho

    Definitely The Grape!

  29. Discerning P

    The Grape, seriously, how did that get so many plugs? It’s got a decent burger but come on. What about Lucia or Nonna or Dough or any of the other Dallas culinary trail blazers making a difference and raising the bar?

  30. luniz

    Tei An

  31. Ninny


  32. sandra

    Parigi FTW!

  33. Marco

    I agree that Parigi is tops!

  34. Gabacho

    Another vote for Parigi.

  35. NancyB

    We love The Grape, but Parigi even more.

  36. Terry H

    One more for Parigi. Class acts all the way round.

  37. Paige Pate

    The Grape

  38. There is no definite, hands down answer for this one. I could put The Grape, Parigi, Suze, Nosh and six or eight others in a hat and pull out a good answer very time.

  39. Ginney

    The Grape!

  40. Jennifer Stephenson


  41. Dada

    What about Nonna?

  42. Justin

    I vote Fiorentina, was there for RW and loved it!!

  43. Darlene

    The Grape :))

  44. The Grape is the best, hands down.

  45. KSanders

    Parigi all the way!

  46. Maria

    We’ve been everywhere and there are many good places, but noplace that we feel more at home at then at Parigi. Love it!

  47. Tri Tom

    For the best all around restaurant, I have to say Parigi. It’s not pretencious or insanely expensive, it’s just right.

  48. reggie

    I loves me some Parigi. Best lunch deal in town.

  49. Miguel H

    Janice and Chad are good peeps. Parigi is everything a restaurant should be.

  50. Steve M

    To me a great restaurant means a great NEIGHBORHOOD restaurant. If York Street was still open I would vote for them. Since I can’t I choose Parigi.

  51. Sandra

    One of my tweeps just told me about this voting. Parigi, Parigi, Parigi for me!

  52. Bolsa!! Love the fresh ingredients, creative menu, and delicious cocktails.

  53. john

    The grape!! Best stop for wine and charcuterie.

  54. goheels

    The Grape!!!

  55. Ricardo Valles

    the grape

  56. bananapancake

    The Grape! I LOVE wine list and charcuterie.

  57. Preston

    The Grape is the best!

  58. Tammy

    Parigi is the best.

  59. Annie M

    I really think Stephen Pyles is great, but Parigi is my top pick.

  60. Stella

    It’s so hard to pick between The Grape and Parigi, since both are fantastic neighborhood hangs. Parigi gets it by a nose.

  61. Art

    I would say Maple & Motor if it had a chance of winning. (Love ya, Jack!) Since others love Parigi as much as I do, I’ll vote for Parigi.

  62. Tru Blue

    Parigi for me.

  63. B.

    I love The Grape long time.

  64. Lyost

    We’ve been regulars at Parigi for years. There are some other good restaurants mentioned here, but we like Parigi best

  65. Todd


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