Chefs Giving Back

by Steven Doyle

Chefs and restaurant industry people in general are the most philanthropic people you will ever meet. Save a few network stars that have high end books deals and their faces slapped on every kitchen appliance ever made, these people are not wealthy. At least not in the traditional sense of the word. But hold any sort of fund raiser and try to envision the event without a chef on board. Difficult to do.

The fact of the matter is these restaurants and chefs donate their time and often their product for these events, often giving up time on their days off and actually paying other employees to assist with the project. These are definitely the most philanthropic people I know.      

This past weekend I called on the chef from Nova in Oak Cliff. Chef Ian Tate is a young chef and has an amazing background and a zeal for his craft.  When conversations shift to cooking or food his eyes light up and the pitch in his voice is elevated.  

Tate said he had a special party he was catering Sunday and invited me along to check it out. One of Tate’s regulars at Nova has a mother residing in an assisted living center in Grand Prairie and he decided they might enjoy a visit from a chef. He spent the previous day prepping for the special dinner that would feed the residents and staff. Not exactly a glory detail or high profile gig that will get your name splashed across headlines. Just more of what these guys do each day.

“You’ve have to give back to your community. Community service should not necessarily be appointed by a judge, it is our responsibility to get out there and pitch in. It’s about taking care of the people that take care of you. I feel strongly about this,” said chef Tate as he ladled a sauce onto the spread of plates.

Check out what Tate is doing at Nova which is located at 1417 West Davis in Oak Cliff. I understand he has a new brunch menu that is pretty special and craveDFW will be checking this out soon.



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  1. Knowing many chefs who do many things for the community — they all warm my heart without even turning on the oven!

  2. Chef Ian is a standup guy from ‘Orleans. He has a flair for creativity and cooking. Three cheers for the Cajun Tater.

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