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Twisted Pine Ghost Face Killah

Twisted-Pine-Ghost-Face-Killahby Brian Wall

Twisted Pine Brewery makes some truly good beers. Whether it be the Hoppy Boy IPA, the Rocky Mountain Wheat or the Billy’s Chilies, there are no beers of theirs that I have tried that I would not happily drink again. This time around though, the beer sampled was the “world’s hottest beer” that they brew- Ghost Face Killah.

There two beers I truly enjoy, aside from free and cold, and those are IPA’s and chili beers. The chili beer niche is very slim and not many breweries offer them. Granted, some brewers decide to add some mild or even bold chilies to their stouts or porters but heat is often steered clear by most. It could be because the capsicum can detract from the malt and grain blend or the big question of what hop strain to use is not very pronounced.    Continue reading


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Elevation Beer Downpour

elevationby Brian Wall

Elevation Beer Company is relatively new to the Texas beer market. Based in Poncha Springs Colorado, Elevation categorizes their beers in way similar to skiing.  There is a black diamond and double black diamond series. On the side of the bottle is a suggestion for food pairings to heighten the taste and experience of the beer. The brewery opened in 2012 and is still young in its offerings but still gave a nice beverage to taste.

The beer sampled this go around was the Downpour Extra India Pale Ale. This beer gave off a slight scent of a pilsner with a slight maltiness. Color poured an amber with a caramel hue. The flavor is not like other IPA’s. The malty flavor is slightly sweet with a back bite of hop character. There is very little piney taste or citrusy flavor that presents itself.    Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Widmers: Vanilla and Ginger Barrel Aged Ales

DSCN0105by Brian Wall

Beers can surprise you. Beers can elude you. Beers can be made with a plethora of flavors and styles that may sound good and be better than expected or be worse than expected. In this case, Widmer Brothers Brewing has proved that the beers can be quite tasty.

Widmer Brothers started as many brewers did, by home brewing when it was legalized in 1979. Fast forward five years and they started their brewery with a small amount of beers. Fast forward to today and the listed offerings, past and present, exceed one hundred beers.  Other past tastes have been impressive and enjoyable so my expectation of these two beers were quite high.     Continue reading

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2013 Beer in Review

by Brian Wall

This past was an interesting one for the craft brew scene in Dallas-Ft. Worth and surrounding areas. A few breweries opened and graced us with an ever widening expanse of offerings, every brewery celebrated a birthday and continued to grace us with the beers we love, a few breweries took home some hardware from competitions and beer festivals seem to have increased in popularity. This alone would be impressive for an area but add the ongoing beer dinners, North Texas Beer Week and the incoming craft beers and a beer lover can safely enjoy a plethora of styles that commercial breweries lack from their tasteless and soulless swill. Continue reading

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Austin Beerworks- Pearl Snap Pils

beer-pearl-snap-2by Brian Wall

A new year and a fresh slate to try beer. On this particular sample, I was given a couple of canned beers from Austin Beerworks from a friend visiting from Austin. He traded me a bottle of Jester King’s Atrial Rubicite but that beer review will wait until I have a special occasion to open that world-class “Holy Grail” beer.

Austin Beerworks offers a few different beers with a German beer theme being the most dominant. German beers have a distinct flavor and are normally set by the “Reinheitsgebot” or the Bavarian Purity Law that simply states beer may not contain anything other than water, barley and hops. This is mostly because the knowledge of yeast was not prevalent in the fifteenth century. With this in mind, most German-style beers have little variance in the way they are made. Fortunately for us, American beer makers don’t have to follow century-old laws from other countries.  Austin Beerworks offers two such beers that are German in style- Black Thunder and Pearl Snap Pils. Pearl Snap Pils was sampled and showed me what to expect from Austin Beerworks  in the future.   Continue reading

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Cobra Brewing Grand Opening

DSCN0098by Brian Wall

On December 21, 2013, Cobra Brewing Company celebrated their grand opening. I was fortunate to get there early enough and was able to sample all the beers offered before the kegs ran dry. As I have alluded to in the past, the best way to experience a beer is from the brewery itself with a tour. This was definitely no exception to my belief.

The day started with a pleasant cloudy and slightly misting chilly morning. The brewery is set in Lewisville not very far from I35E or Business 121. Parking could have potential problem due to the geographical location but if you arrive early enough, it should be negligible. Prepay and cash on site were allowed and the cost of ten dollars was pretty standard. The glass is the typical pint with the brewery logo, a nice addition for you beer glass collectors out there. The brewery itself is large, impeccably clean and offers two pool tables and picnic tables.

Cobra’s  Facebook page mentions some dart boards to be added soon. The back lot offered two tents and radiant heaters so the crowd was not overly powering. The serving area was very friendly and inviting. A serving area was very friendly and inviting. The band area was more than adequate for the performers of the day. Too loud with the music playing? The back lot allowed for ambient music and low enough volume so shouting was not necessary for casual talking.     Continue reading

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Cobra Brewing Co. Opening Dec 21; Gift Ideas For Your Beer Buddy

cobraby Brian Wall

On Saturday, December 21, a new brewery will be celebrating their grand opening tour. Cobra Brewing Company will be opening in Lewisville and is offering a total of six beers according to their Facebook page. These beer are: Hoppy Daze, a year round offered IPA, Blonde Bomber I, a blonde ale made with Cascade hops that impart a citrus flavor with grapefruit notes, and Blonde Bomber II, a blonde ale made with Tettnanger hops which impart a lighter hop presence.

The other three beers offered are seasonal and will only be available until the kegs run dry. These beers are: Drunkin Pumpkin, a pumpkin ale, Nitemare Before Xmas, a pumpkin stout, and Jack Froth, a winter ale.  There a limited amount of tickets available for the grand opening so be sure to get your tickets soon. Hours are 12-5 with live music from 1-4. Tickets are ten dollars for the glass, tour and three samples.    Continue reading

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