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TJ’s Meets Cane Rosso For A Night

by Steven Doyle

Jon Alexis, who is the owner of TJ’s Seafood Market, and a contributor as well as our go to guy when it comes to seafood,  will be a pizzaiola for a night at Cane Rosso and he wanted us to let you know what he was putting together. That’s right, a fishmonger will be making the pies tonight in Deep Ellum and you are invited.  It sounds pretty damned good. Here is what he is offering in Jon’s words:          Continue reading

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Dressing Up Your Fish

by Jon Alexis

We eat with all 5 of our senses. Here are some easy ways to dress up your fish meals at home that appeal to all our senses. Tips we’ve learned over the years from restaurant chefs to our own customers.     Continue reading


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Grilling Fish with TJ’s Seafood Market

by Crave Staff

It’s a beautiful timef year to be out in the back yard, grilling for your friends and neighbors. The weather is mild and the sun is shining bright. Jon Alexis from TJ’s Seafood Market has these really cool cooking demos he does for his customers and we happened to grab one of his hand outs in advance so we could share the info with you.  if you have a chance, check out the demo this weekend.  He will be cooking up a mess of fish and sharing with all comers. More information on dates and time at the bottom of this page.     Continue reading

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A Fishmonger’s View of San Diego

by Jon Alexis

Well East Coast seafood is fresh
I really dig the lobsters they prepare.
And that Southern Gulf fish like Pompano and Grouper
knocks me out when I’m down there.
The Pacific Northwest Wild Salmon is healthy
and delicious when grilled up right
and the big Great Lakes are full of Walleye and Whitefish
that keeps those northerners full all night.
I been all around this great big world
and I’ve eaten all kinds of fish
I couldn’t wait to back to some of the United States’
freshest seafood in the world
I wish they all could have Southern California
I wish they all could have Southern California
I wish they all could have Southern California’s seafood

It’s funny, when we think of the nation’s coasts, the ones with the worst weather tend to be the seafood stars. There is no surfing to distract us from Boston’s lobsters. Pike’s Place Market is cool, but would it be a tourism hub if Seattle had sunbathing beaches? If in LA, San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf would be the location of multimillion dollar movie star mansions.   Continue reading

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Why Shop at a Market?

by Jon Alexis

Is Dallas a good food town? A debate that has been waged across dinner tables and blog comment sections. No matter which side of the fence you fall on, ask yourself this question: how was the debate framed?

Most likely, you discussed restaurants. Is our BBQ as good as the Hill Country? Is our Italian up to snuff? Is our sushi really as good as NYC and LA?

All valid questions. But restaurants alone do not a food culture make! Markets are an integral part of any food culture. And guess what – Dallas has fantastic independent markets in every part of the city.  Continue reading


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Ceviche – Cool, Fresh, Craveworthy‏

by Jon Alexis

Who among us doesn’t crave something cool and citrusy when the thermometer starts going crazy? Now how about something cool and citrusy that can be made in the AC and doesn’t even require a stove or grill?

For these reasons, as well as being delicioso, ceviche is the perfect summer dish. Unlike the burgers and hot dogs we pound all summer long, this is a dish you can eat by the pool…and still look good in your bathing suit the next day.

Ceviche is not a specific recipe, although there are some basic guidelines: fresh raw fish “cooked” in citrus juice, mixed with vegetables and spices. Combine and let sit a few hours or even over night.    Continue reading


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Extended Crawfish Season!

by Jon Alexis

A few months back, I wrote about the opening of crawfish season.  In “normal” years the season would be over around July 4th. I’d be back to craving crawfish until Spring of next year.

But this year looks to be different. Continue reading

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