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Vegan Girl: Sushi Zushi

by Melissa Brenner

Thursday, September 1st, Sushi Zushi rolls out its vegan menu in the Dallas locations.

While a raw fish place seems about as likely to care about vegan options on the menu as an almost raw steak place, accommodation of all types of dietary needs is growing. This is something I’m happy to see, as most of my omni friends are sushi freaks. I, myself, am a sucker for the seaweed salad and an Asahi Super Dry, but I’d also like to be able to enjoy something more substantial at dinner.

Sushi Zushi has created separate menu pages for vegan options, rather than just notating with a leaf or something, which makes it much easier to peruse the offerings. The vegan page lists the special instructions to give your server in order to veganize the standard items. Happily, the menu also lists the sauces that are vegan (this list includes eel sauce, which makes me a happy girl).   Continue reading

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Vegan Girl Does Taco Ocho

by Melissa Brenner    

There’s been a lot of taco talk around town lately. Considering that Dallas has a great selection of amazing tacos (some of which I have had the pleasure of tasting personally), the chatter is warranted. This week I’m going to switch it up and talk about something other than tacos. No, the something other is not dogs even though I’m an expert in that arena, too.

What’s the best place to go when you don’t want to eat a taco? A taco joint, of course! Our man Steven Doyle posted about his experience with Taco Ocho upon their opening. Since then I’ve had some friends hit the spot and convey their agreement with Mr. Doyle’s experience. I finally found the time to skip over to Richardson to see if the flavor enjoyment translated to their vegan offerings.     Continue reading


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Vegan Girl Checks Out The New Baboush

by Melissa Brenner

Baboush’s doors opened in West Village on Monday, August 8th. Three days later, I was there carousing with my vegan drinking crew on their plush couches sipping Sexy Drinks and enjoying one of the best Mediterranean meals I’ve had in quite awhile.

All of the Spreads & Olives are vegan, and so is the pita bread. I am a huge fan of olives, hummus and babaganoush, but I opted to start with the Moroccan Sweet Tomato spread. This dish is penned a sweet tomato spread with cinnamon, garlic, orange water, sesame seeds and almonds.

Some of my cohorts were disturbed at the mention of sweet and cinnamon in a tomato spread, but the first bite evaporated their fears. This tasty spread was a perfect balance of sweet and spice. The tomatoes were cooked to perfection: they spread easily on the (verified vegan) pita with the small spoon provided. The cinnamon tickled the tongue at the finish without overpowering the tangy garlic and the acidic orange.    Continue reading


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Libertine Vegan Beer Dinner

by Melissa Brenner

The Libertine Bar has announced another Vegan Beer Dinner! After the success and sell out (plus a waiting list) of the last vegan dinner, the next event has been on the minds of The Libertine Bar staff. The turnout plus the fun and challenge of creating an all vegan dinner and beer pairing was a surprise and motivator to make it a regularly occurring affair.   Continue reading

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Alma Misses Mark For Vegan Girl

by Melissa Brenner

It’s a sad day when a hot guy that I like takes me out for dinner and we are both disappointed. I’ve been invited to the fairly new Mexican-style restaurant on Henderson  Alma before, but this was my first experience. Sadly, it was also my last.

My considerate dinner companion asked for a menu at the host stand, so that I could review my options before we were seated. There seemed to be plenty of veganizable option, so I was happy to have dinner at his first restaurant choice.

Our waitress was sweet and went to the kitchen to ask about options when I told her I was vegan. She came back with a menu marked with X’s on the items that would be vegan without the dairy toppings. They were not willing to make up anything off the menu for me, and that is fine. However, the reason for this became clear as the meal went on.   Continue reading


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Vegan Girl: Bolsa Is My Bag

by Melissa Brenner

Everyone should know now that Bolsa is a super cool place to hang out and have some fantastic drinks. Every vegan should know that it is also a great place to dine.

To start, I worked my way through the cocktail menu, making my decisions based on what the fabulous new bartender (fresh in from SF and originally from Hawaii) was making in front of me. The smell of fresh thyme, cucumber, berries, limes, etc was just divine and so was the sight (rush on in and try your luck before someone else snags him).  Continue reading


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Vegan Girl Goes Zen

by Melissa Brenner

Hot Texas summer nights usually create a lack of interest in food that is anywhere near warm and I certainly do not want to start up any of the appliances in my own kitchen. Salad? Blech….you all know my feelings on a life of salad. I know I’m not the only veggie that gets sick of salad. I’d probably just have forgone eating at all, except for the fact that my body would revolt and there are some really amazing summer food options in Dallas.

In order to kill two birds with one stone, I wandered down to Bishop Arts District for sushi and people watching (one of my favorite pastimes).  I just love Zen Sushi. It is a great little spot for dining and watching….I especially love watching people press their noses up to the dark glass to glimpse inside instead of just opening the door.  Continue reading

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