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TOP FIFTEEN Bar Openings in Dallas 2020

by Brian McCollough

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” – Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

The immortal words of one of the worlds most celebrated authors above can easily describe the feelings of the past year. As for bar operators its been a darker and more trying year than ever before. 

Opening a bar is a dream of a lifetime! It takes hard work, commitment, long hours, and passion! The same can be said in any industry, but I love bars. So what was it like to open a bar in 2020? What should be the best of times for eager and excited owners and staff in what will seemingly go on record as the worst of times. It Is Bittersweet that is for sure. Well, here is my list for the top new bars in 2020! Cheers!

What makes a great bar for me? Bartenders and atmosphere of course! (If the first two don’t work then the rest is for the dump sink.) Here are my TOP bars and bar openings in 2020:

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A Plethora of Hotspots To Enjoy Super Bowl


by Jennifer Thomas

We have been listing plenty of cool places to enjoy the big game this weekend, and here is a list of unsual spots that you might not thinkl to watch football, but they are so good.

Moxie’s Grill & Bar delivers a unique experience through its blend of high-end design, uncompromising food quality and a friendly, energetic approach to hospitality. The vibrant lounge area includes more than 20 televisions, perfect for watching the Big Game in Uptown.   Continue reading

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The 18th Amendment Was Repealed 80 Years Ago, Celebrate!

prohibitionby Steven Doyle

With a charge led by one Wayne B. Wheeler and Andrew Volstead, Americans met with the Great Experiment of Temperance, or the National Prohibition Act (the 18th Amendment) at midnight on January 17, 1920. Although the bill was vetoed by then president Woodrow Wilson, it was overwhelmingly passed both in House and Senate. This Amendment prohibited the manufacturing, sale and consumption of alcohol. Within minutes of  the enactment of Prohibition, the first crime erupted when $100,000 worth of whiskey was stolen from a train in Chicago. Prohibition then gave birth to a new industry gripped by grizzly mobsters and bootleggers. Average citizens were lured by the siren song of the speakeasy.

Prohibition called for trials for anyone charged with an alcohol-related offense, and juries often failed to convict. Under the state of New York’s Mullan-Gage Act, a short-lived local version of the Volstead Act, the first 4,000 arrests led to just six convictions and not one jail sentence. Prohibition was deemed a failure and was dismantled by the Twenty-first Amendment which was ratified on December 5, 1933.    Continue reading

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Celebrate The Repeal Of Prohibition Dec 5

prohibitionby Steven Doyle

October 28, 1919 a bill was introduced and vetoed the same day by president Woodrow Wilson. The Volstead Act would criminalize intoxicating beverages containing over .05% alcohol. Not content with the veto the House and Senate over-rode the veto and the Prohibition Era was born.

The Volstead Act gave birth to speakeasies, bath tub gin and gangland violence in what would be recorded as one of the worst social experiments of our time. On December 5, 1933, Utah became the 36th state to ratify the Twenty-first Amendment, which repealed the Eighteenth Amendment, rendered the Volstead Act unconstitutional, and restored control of alcohol to the states.          Continue reading

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New Clubs And Bars Coming Near You

by Bryan Coonrod

Fall is coming soon and in Dallas that means the rise of new bars and nightclubs. This year might be the biggest spike in years. Here is the list so far.

My House Uptown – New venture from the folks from Glass Lounge. Will feature high end food and cocktails, Chef Stefon Rishel formally from Brackets will be executive chef. A unique twist is added as it will include a pool with a sandy beach to walk into it. Location is at Maple & Mckinney Ave.   Continue reading


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