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TOP FIFTEEN Bar Openings in Dallas 2020

by Brian McCollough

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.” – Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

The immortal words of one of the worlds most celebrated authors above can easily describe the feelings of the past year. As for bar operators its been a darker and more trying year than ever before. 

Opening a bar is a dream of a lifetime! It takes hard work, commitment, long hours, and passion! The same can be said in any industry, but I love bars. So what was it like to open a bar in 2020? What should be the best of times for eager and excited owners and staff in what will seemingly go on record as the worst of times. It Is Bittersweet that is for sure. Well, here is my list for the top new bars in 2020! Cheers!

What makes a great bar for me? Bartenders and atmosphere of course! (If the first two don’t work then the rest is for the dump sink.) Here are my TOP bars and bar openings in 2020:

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The 2019 Ultimate Guide To Prevent and Cure a Hangover

hangover1by Steven Doyle

Well, you went and did it. You did the beer before liquor and now have never been sicker. Or perhaps too many sulfites from that red wine you blasted through last night. Or you simply just drank too much and now are suffering an epic hangover. We get it. No, we really get it and have a cure for that. We have a few hangover relief tricks, plus a list of some really good local foods that will help ease the pain of the season.

First, let’s seriously look at how you might prevent that hangover to begin with. And we do not mean abstinence. That cannot possibly be any fun.     Continue reading

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Standard Pour Is 2 Years Old!

standard3by Steven Doyle

It seems just like yesterday when Standard Pour opened its doors, and we all clamored in for a peek and a drink. The menu was shockingly good, and often you can find diners eagerly ordering fried chicken and a platter of delicious shishitos and edamame.  For the ladies, Wednesday night has become synonymous with a free three course dinneer. This week it surrounds rainbow trout and cheesecake. The place will be jammed packed.

More than anything, Standard Pour is a place for some of the best cocktails, with a full staff of talented barmen (and women), plus there are always amazing guest bartenders behind the stick.    Continue reading

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Celebrate Two Year Anniversary of Standard Pour Tonight

standard2by Steven Doyle

Two years ago craveDFW held a special pre-opening party that should have hosted about 75 people at Standard Pour. That night we packed the house with eager people wanting to see what the next evolution of bars on McKinney Avenue would be all about. That night we saw promise of fantastic cocktails and food at price points that defied the norm at the time. You may recall that craft cocktails were unique and selling for $15+ a glass. It was fun to watch our favorite mixologist take 20 minutes of his life to hand grind a delicious cocktail with a cornucopia of garnish on top. But soon we became weary of that treatment. Standard Pour reinvented the way we tasted craft cocktails with the guidance of Brian McCullough.

At the time McCullough said that it shouldn’t take long to make your favorite libations, and the drinks shouldn’t be weighed down with a grocer’s list of ingredients. Standard Pour would be making interesting, and classic cocktails one at a time in record time and at a price that you could enjoy several.  He also hired the best trained staff to make all this come to fruition.    Continue reading

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Lime Shortages May Cost You Your Margarita

limeby Steven Doyle

By now you have seen or heard about the price of limes which have risen from about $20 a case in the winter to just over $100. That is an amazing leap that has some margarita aficionados running scared. We spoke to FreshPoint’s president Lucian LaBarba, the major distributor for produce in our market, and he said that the prices have jumped due to climate changes. The limes we see in Texas are imported from Mexico, and the reason is a mixture of unseasonably cold weather, hurricane and storm systems and drought.    Continue reading


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A Visit To Savor At Klyde Warren Park

DSC00373by Steven Doyle

Savor, located in Klyde Warren Park, opened its doors just a few weeks ago and already has positioned itself as a busy and beautiful restaurant with affordable and equally beautiful food. Last night during a media outing the crowds shuffled in starting with a large party outside for wine and light bites. Later that evening crowds of travelers and locals alike made their way in for more wine and full plates. Savor is compelling and full of energy.

Owned and cheffed by John Coleman, who spent much of his career opening Ritz Carlton hotels, has a finite attention to the details. This is a good thing since the eyes of the city are focused on the success of Savor. The chef assures us that he understands the huge responsibility it is to run such a high profile restaurant. There are actually a duo of restaurants that includes Relish, the burger and beer walk-up next door.    Continue reading

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