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An Impressive Chardonnay Grown in Zipcode 75209

chalk1by Andrew Chalk

Inwood Estates Vineyards just released their 2012 ‘City of Dallas’ Chardonnay ($49.50) made from grapes grown in a vineyard just a few hundred yards from the junction of Inwood Road and Lovers Lane in Dallas. ‘A vineyard in the heart of the city’ you say? Indeed, and growing a noble white grape as well. This is no gimmick-wine. It stands toe-to-toe with similarly-priced Chardonnay from California and is made in a New World style. The nose is a medium intensity presentation of tropical fruit (especially mango) and peaches, the mouthfeel has a cream soda creaminess and softness reflecting the malolactic fermentation that the wine went through.

It is ideal as a quaffing wine or with fish, poultry or pork dishes. This might also become the cool present to give this season. I bet Neiman Marcus wish that they had it in their catalog. Very few cases are available so order now, either online or by calling the winery at (214) 902-9452.


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City of Dallas Chardonnay Release Party This Saturday at Inwood Estates Winery

chardonnay-grapesby Andrew Chalk

Grow Chardonnay grapes in the City of Dallas, in a state where Chardonnay has been officially declared a failure! That is quite an ambitious undertaking. Come and find out if Inwood Estates Vineyards was successful this Saturday December 7th from noon-7pm at Inwood Estates Vineyards release party for their 2011 City of Dallas Chardonnay at their winery in the Dallas Design District. The tasting is free and so is the great food.   0 Continue reading

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Choosing a Wine To Go With Turkey

turkeyby Andrew Chalk

Thanksgiving is the season for ill-informed discussions about pairing wine with turkey. Luckily, we ran across the antidote to this babble.

Dan Gatlin, owner of Inwood Estate Vineyards, only has 37-years experience making wine so we decided to reprint his views on pairing wine with food. Dan has gained a reputation for up-front  honesty that isn’t afraid to prick some hubris balloons, and that comes through in this post as well..

From his blog…    Continue reading

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Is Dallas County The Next Burgundy? Inwood Estates Release Party Showcases Dallas Chardonnay

inwoodby Andrew Chalk

Inwood Estates Vineyards is one of the best wineries in Texas, and its owner/winemaker, Dan Gatlin, one of the most influential winemakers in the state. As a result, the wines and stylistic nuances revealed at their release parties are something of a bellwether for the direction that other serious wine makers in the state will take down the road. For example, Inwood ‘proved’ the suitability of the Tempranillo grape and the Texas High Plains as its site a decade ago. That conclusion was the result of over a decade of research during which Inwood did not release a single wine (while producing hundreds of experiments). That conclusion is also accepted as one of the known facts or truisms among vignerons and wine makers statewide.

Another state truism is that the most popular grape among American consumers, Chardonnay, does not do well in Texas. Last week’s release party at the winery’s Dallas location may be about to make a bonfire of that truism.   Continue reading


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Three Marquee Events You Should Attend

scotchby Andrew Chalk

Summer is over, you can tell by the number of wine and food events in town. The pace has definitely started to quicken. We will bring you only the crème de la crème and this week has three very special ones. All come Crave Recommended.

Starting this Friday September 13th Pappas Bros. Steakhouse will host a Glenfiddich Scotch Dinner. “What makes Friday night’s fine tasting experience so distinctive is its extended samplings of the world’s most awarded single malt in addition to a four course meal. Also on the invite list is host Glenfiddich Ambassador David Allardice, well known for his knowledge and expertise of this dignified spirit. From Glenfiddich 12 year to the Malt Masters Edition, this wide assortment and range of drink is perfectly paired with delicious complimentary cuisine.     Continue reading

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