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Experience These Pies From Unexpected Sources

pieby Steven Doyle

Have that special holiday party to check out and need to bring a sweet bite to share? We have a fine line-up of freshly made treats from places that you may not have thought of. There are some lovely bakeries in the Dallas area, like Pie Emporium (several locations now), Tart Bakery on Lovers Lane, Rush Patisserie in Oak Cliff, and the beloved Swiss Pastry Shop in Fort Worth all come quickly to mind. But how about a few alternative spots where you won’t necessarily be busted for bringing something purchased that won’t be recognized or even duplicated.   Continue reading

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The First Thanksgiving Menu

by Steven Doyle

As our day of Thanksgiving fast approaches we wanted to look back and see why and how our Pilgrim ancestors celebrated their feast.

What began in 1620 with a band of 102 religious separatists seeking a new home and the lure of the New World’s prosperity, the Pilgrims settled into their new life style, which proved harsh throughout their first brutal Cape Cod winter.   Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Calzone at Greenville Avenue Pizza Company


Back in August, Greenville Avenue Pizza Company launched brunch, and with it, their brunch calzones. A lineup of sweet, savory and all around delicious items that made weekend midmornings better for everyone. And now, after some tinkering in the kitchen, they’re ready to unleash their latest creation: the Thanksgiving Calzone.

This tasty idea includes mashed potatoes, homemade stuffing and turkey, plus cranberry sauce and gravy on the side. Yet somehow, it gets ever better, because they have also introduced a new delicious Apple Cider Mimosa and will be offering both items daily. It’s the best calzone-and-mimosa in town.  Continue reading

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Shared Housing Needs Your Help

by Jennifer Thomas

Thanksgiving is a time for family gathering, good food, and football; a time to take pause and reflect on the past year and note all for which we are thankful. As you are making your Thanksgiving menu and travel plans, please remember the families of Shared Housing.  They are asking for your help to provided 100 families with Thanksgiving dinner.      Continue reading

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MealSharing for Thanksgiving is a Beautiful Idea


MealSharing.com announces its third annual “ThanksSharing” to promote food and togetherness for the classic American holiday. MealSharing.com connects hosts and guests in more than 450 cities worldwide over home cooked meals. This year, MealSharing.com will continue its ThanksSharing initiative to connect thousands of people over one very special meal—Thanksgiving.

“Last year’s ThanksSharing helped people enjoy a meal with others who otherwise would have been eating alone,” says Jay Savsani, founder of MealSharing.com. “As a popular celebration that promotes people coming together over food, ThanksSharing does just that—whether a person is traveling, alone for the holiday or simply wants a different experience—ThanksSharing is helping connect people over home cooked meals for a special occasion.”   Continue reading

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Choosing a Wine To Go With Turkey

turkeyby Andrew Chalk

Thanksgiving is the season for ill-informed discussions about pairing wine with turkey. Luckily, we ran across the antidote to this babble.

Dan Gatlin, owner of Inwood Estate Vineyards, only has 37-years experience making wine so we decided to reprint his views on pairing wine with food. Dan has gained a reputation for up-front  honesty that isn’t afraid to prick some hubris balloons, and that comes through in this post as well..

From his blog…    Continue reading

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Bread Zeppelin Lands On Plymouth Rock

Bread Zeppelin Plymouth Rock 3
by Jennifer Thomas

You remember the cool little sandwich shop we wrote about a few months back when they opened. These guys make incredible sandwiches from hollowed out baguettes, and some really, really good salads. Bread Zeppelin is celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with the debut of the Plymouth Rock.

This crunchable creation is available through the end of 2013 and is comprised of oven roasted turkey, cranberries, beets, bleu cheese crumbles, caramelized pecans and an Arcadian mix of greens. Toss it with their house-made Champagne Vinaigrette or a Cranberry Poppy Seed Vinaigrette and you’ll be thankful you tried it!  This cornucopia of flavors is available as a chopped salad for $9.49 or in a Zeppelin for $7.69.


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