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Cooking Classes at 3015: Week Two

breadingstationby Robyn Folmar

For six weeks Robyn agreed to attend classes at 3015 in Trinity Groves. We’re pretty sure she is having plenty of fun. For last week’s report click here0.

Class two at 3015 Trinity Groves was a booming success simply because I managed to leave with all fingers attached to my hand. This week’s seminar built on the stock class from last week and focused on sauces. Chef Sharon Van Meter even stopped by for a few minutes to say hello and make sure her cookhouse hadn’t been set afire. Not yet!

Dr. Mike did us a solid because right there on the stove was five pounds of melted butter. He talked to us about the importance of clarified butter (melt; then skim off milk fat) in sauces and cooking in general. The class went on to make velouté (fancy talk for gravy), basic brown sauce, Madeira, and hollandaise to top pork tenderloin, chicken cutlets and asparagus.  Continue reading


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Trinity Groves Savor Tonight And We Have A Sneak Peek At One Of the Dishes

DSC06437by Steven Doyle

Tonight marks the first Savor Dallas event in the new Trinity Groves area of Dallas. This is the new culinary destination just west of the newish Margaret Hunt Hill bridge. Look for the event to take place in 3015, the event center and cooking school owned by chef Sharon Van Meter. This particular leg of Savor Dallas will feature many of the up and coming chefs to occupy one of the many spaces in Trinity Groves and benefits Hunger Busters, an organization that feeds at risk children.   Continue reading

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3015 at Trinity Grove Hosts Grand Opening

by Steven Doyle

Chef Sharon Van Meter hosted a large group of friends and supporters at the grand opening of her new venue at Trinity Grove, 3015. 3015 is the name of the venue as well as the address and it will be the epicenter for large parties, charity events, team building projects, cooking demos and so much more. This is the first venue to open in Trinity Grove which is located just across the new Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge on the west side of Dallas.  Continue reading


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Van Meter Closes Milestone, Opens New Trinity Groves Venue This Month

by Steven Doyle

Sharon Van Meter recently closed the doors at the Milestone Culinary Arts Center located on McKinney just south of Knox. The multi-purpose kitchen and event venue has hosted hundreds if not thousands of wonderful parties and charity events over the years. But do not feel sad for Chef Van Meter as she is outing the final touches on her new vision which will be located in Trinity Groves located in West Dallas just across the new Santiago Calatrava-designed bridge that was formerly said to be the bridge to nowhere.        Continue reading


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