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2014 Top Ten Places To Find Crawfish In Dallas

crawfish2by Steven Doyle

We are at a slow start for crawfish season with the untimely cold snaps that are hitting the haunts where the mudbugs hang out. The little critters aren’t wanting to come out of their roost and onto our plates, bu that just means they are getting bigger and tastier. For now we will suffer through extremely medium crawfish, and that is OK for now. We have already been scoping out the latest hot spots for the 2014 season, and we have plenty to share. Notice a few newcomers on the list this year that will excite your palates with their rendition of the spicy crustaceans.

May we present our 2014 favorites:    Continue reading


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Four Shuck and Jive Greenville Break-Ins Total Over $20k in Losses, You Can Help

oyster1by Steven Doyle

Shuck and Jive is a really cool local hang out. I have personally made my way there many times over the years and always have a good meal, a very cold beer and a “Cheers” type of an afternoon each time with spirited conversation with the bartenders and patrons alike.

There are times when we must pay back for our good fortune and great times, and today I am calling for just such an occasion. In the last month Shuck and Jive on Greenville has been burglarized four times. Four times with a total loss of over $20,000. That is a huge poke in the eye for a small restaurant like Shuck and Jive.      Continue reading


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