The 2019 Ultimate Guide To Prevent and Cure a Hangover

hangover1by Steven Doyle

Well, you went and did it. You did the beer before liquor and now have never been sicker. Or perhaps too many sulfites from that red wine you blasted through last night. Or you simply just drank too much and now are suffering an epic hangover. We get it. No, we really get it and have a cure for that. We have a few hangover relief tricks, plus a list of some really good local foods that will help ease the pain of the season.

First, let’s seriously look at how you might prevent that hangover to begin with. And we do not mean abstinence. That cannot possibly be any fun.    

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An Ounce of Prevention

There are several ways to load up on preventative measures and certainly not over-indulging is one of those. But you have the big party ahead of you and you know the temptation is huge, and you have your Uber account locked and loaded.  Metabolizing alcohol requires nutrients. The more you drink, the more nutrients your body has to call up from the blood stream to replenish your liver’s tapped resources. Alcohol destroys B vitamins. As a result, body cells are deprived of critical nutrients. Enter vitamins B complex, B6, or B12.

Also, taking prickly pear extract 5 hours before drinking reduced the risk of a severe hangover by 62%. We have also found that activated charcoal can act as a sort of “sponge” in your digestive tract, absorbing and trapping chemicals and escorting them out of the body.

Skip the fizzy drinks. The gas in the fizz will push the alcohol quickly past your stomach and into your intestines where it is absorbed quickly. (Eeeek!)

Cut the smokes. Researchers believe nicotine may increase your body’s release of cytokines, a protein secreted when your brain encounters an injury. The result: an inflamed brain, throbbing head, and spinning ceiling.

And of course water is your best friend. Drink plenty of water before, during and after the partying. You will also want to enjoy a nice meal before drinking to lay a good foundation of absorption.


A Pound of Cure

So you didn’t take our prevention advice and now  you are suffering a massive head throb. Probably a little nauseous too. We have the fix.

Eggs are an awesome source of cysteine, which helps break down the headache-causing toxins that are produced when your body digests alcohol.

When researchers at Sun Yat-Sen University in Guangzhou analyzed the effects of 57 different drinks on alcohol metabolism, they found that the Chinese version of Sprite and regular soda water helps speed up the body’s alcohol metabolism, which decreases the amount of time your body is exposed to the harmful chemicals produced when your body digests alcohol. We also like drinks that replenish electrolytes.

While no food can halt the roller coaster in your stomach, carbs can help bring your blood sugar levels back up the morning after. We have a list below of some of our best curative foods when hungover, but crackers are a quick jolt to even your blood sugar.

Ease a pounding head with a pill or two, but stick to anti-inflammatory drugs such as aspirin, ibuprofen, and naproxen, not acetaminophen like Tylenol which can actually damage your liver.


Sage Advice From Bartenders

Brian McCullough, the master bartender of Spec’s dispenses a recipe for a cure:

Water while you are drinking, of course. But you might like this concoction.  Add a banana, whole egg, ginger juice, blackstrap rum, orange juice, coconut water and cream, a dash of cayenne all blended with ice. Top this with nutmeg and Angostura bitters. Your hangover will be gone!

Parliament LuckyEddie “Lucky” Campbell, owner of Parliament and Standard Pour, tells us his ideas on how to prevent or cure the nasty hangover.

There is no prevention. My cure is one greasy cheeseburger, one coffee with seven sugars, one diet coke with thirty-three dashes of Angostura bitters.

Also note that Lucky does not drink, but there is a bit of booze (44% ethanol) in those bitters, so there’s that.


The Good Stuff

One of our tried and true methods of curing a hangover, or at least lessening the affect and getting us motivated, is a load of greasy carbs. You will like this cure because those are the best things to eat. A good brunch is always a fun way to extricate yourself from the pain. Find one here or here.

The Truckyard: Besides having three super cool food trucks, which are always laced with fun carb-loaded delights, you will find one of the very best Philly  Cheesesteaks in our area. If the Truck Yard isn’t close enough, we have a list of other cheesesteaks in Dallas that can supply you with what you need, which is a great roll, cheese, onions and peppers and beef. Loads of great sizzling beef. Don’t forget, if you are of the mindset that the hair-of-the-dog is a good thing, The Truckyard also makes  great choice.


Wabi House Ramen: There are plenty of ramen restaurants in Dallas, and we truly love Wabi House located on Greenville Avenue. Nothing speaks cure like a slurpy bowl of noodles and spicy broth with all the requisite vegetables. Not close to Greenville? Try out some pho at DaLat, menudo at Taqueria y Carniceria Guanajuato, or check out our guide to the best soups in the Dallas area.


Off-Site Kitchen: It’s all about the burger. Great load of carbs, fresh and juicy beef, and loads of veggies to choose from. This burger will not only bash that hangover, it will make you smile all day. We also have an extensive list of our favorite burgers here. Look for an craveDFW updated burger list soon.

palek paneer

Indian Palace: We find the spicier the food the better and what could you enjoy more than a healthy dose of Indian food. Plow through a buffet for the quickest fxi. Indian Palace is open every day, even holidays. Across town we enjoy another delicious and super authentic Indian restaurant (that happens to be vegetarian and vegan friendly) called Bombay Chowpatty.

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Company Cafe: Perhaps you want to start your New Year’s resolutions with a bang, and with that Company Cafe might be your restaurant with plenty of veggies and cage-free this and gluten-free that. Oh, we know it is cool, and so is Company Cafe. You might also try vegetarian Kalachandji’s at the Krishna Temple (always a fun day)  and the full on vegan favorite, Spiral Diner. The good people at Sundown at the Granada also do an amazing job with healthy and vegetarian fare.

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