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Blues Bandits and BBQ Makes for Smoking Hot Weekend

by Steven Doyle     photos by Susan Migdol

The weekend was crazy busy with activities including the second annual Blues, Bandits and BBQ held at Lake Cliff Park Saturday. The assorted barbecue teams started working early Friday evening and camped out at the park honing their recipes, developing smoke rings, and otherwise having a little party of their own.     Continue reading


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People’s Choice Award Sushi: Yutaka

by Steven Doyle   

With votes for Shinsei, Sushi Sake and Tei Tei mentioned often, but there was one clear leader of the pack for this weeks People’s Choice Award for Sushi, Yutaka Sushi Bistro on McKinney Avenue in Dallas.

Dallas has plenty of wonderful sushi options, and certainly we appreciate Tei-An, the five star rated soba house in One Arts Plaza, but this is the People’s Choice and they have spoken.     Continue reading


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Alma Misses Mark For Vegan Girl

by Melissa Brenner

It’s a sad day when a hot guy that I like takes me out for dinner and we are both disappointed. I’ve been invited to the fairly new Mexican-style restaurant on Henderson  Alma before, but this was my first experience. Sadly, it was also my last.

My considerate dinner companion asked for a menu at the host stand, so that I could review my options before we were seated. There seemed to be plenty of veganizable option, so I was happy to have dinner at his first restaurant choice.

Our waitress was sweet and went to the kitchen to ask about options when I told her I was vegan. She came back with a menu marked with X’s on the items that would be vegan without the dairy toppings. They were not willing to make up anything off the menu for me, and that is fine. However, the reason for this became clear as the meal went on.   Continue reading


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Kim Jong Il Invented The Burger

by Steven Doyle

The birthplace of the modern hamburger has long been contested but one fact remains crystalline clear, we love a good burger. There have been references to the humble origins of the hamburger racing back as far asthe 15th century, with more modern references in 18th century German seaports that served a faint resemblance to the dish. This seems the most credible explaination to the name and thought to have spread to the states via sailors seeking an inexpensive, warm meal.

From Europe we then see mentions of the hamburger on menus in New York, specifically Delmonico’s in 1826. If this is true, why such a controversy over who invented the burger?

Texas historian and chili god Frank X Tolbert gave the honor of inventing the burger to an Athens, Texas café, while the Dallas Morning News attributes the burger to Tulsa.  Continue reading


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Tesar Sweeps Extreme Chef

by Steven Doyle

We reported days ago about chef John Tesar of The Commissary  competing in the Food Network Extreme Chef competition, and last night we slipped in the to watch the program at the One Arts Plaza restaurant with the chef.

For those that haven’t heard, he did win the $10,000 prize. He beat out two very competent and competitive chefs in racing across a farm to gather ingredients, milking cows and ultimately cooking with a blow torch and a hack saw.     Continue reading


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Pesto Making Contest at North Haven Gardens

by Crave Staff

The people at North Haven Gardens invite you out to visit and also participate in the Second Annual Pesto Party. Summer time means pesto and what better reason to gather than to sample some of the best home cook’s renditions of the smooth sauce that goes with virtually anything.

Drop by the North Haven Gardens website for an application.  Note that entries must be submitted Saturday, July 16th between 9am & Noon. Please be sure to send at least 1/4 cup of pesto to judge. Please attach the recipe written or typed.  Home made pestos only. You do not need to grow your own herbs, although they think you should. Judging is based on texture, flavor and creativity. You can use basil, thyme, sage, peppers…whatever sounds good. Continue reading

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