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Monthly Food Truck Rally On Henderson

by Steven Doyle

The past year Dallas and Fort Worth have been on the fast track to make up for their sins of omission with regards to food trucks.  It is the single most hottest buzz word in the game just behind craft beer and cocktails. Toss Scotch Eggs into that mix as well.  Those are popping up everywhere.

The latest trick in the charity book is to offer the food truck rally, which is absolutely genius if you think about that. Very little in the way of costs are involved.  Throw out a band, a few rental cops and press releases and you have yourself an event.         Continue reading


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First Look: Sissy’s Southern Kitchen and Bar

by Steven Doyle

We were invited to a media luncheon to get a first look at the soon-to-be-open Sissy’s Southern Kitchen and bar located at 2929 Henderson. This is the Lisa Garza concept that she has been working on with exec chef Jeffrey Hobbes. You might recall both of the chefs  from Suze restaurant that is still being operated by Gilbert Garza off northwest Highway and Midway.

Lisa Garza grew up in Memphis and spent summers on grandparents Iowa farm and recalls gardening and canning at an early age. In 2008 Garza was featured on The Next Food Network Star program and since opened her own catering and design company.              Continue reading

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Half Price Velvet Taco Chicken

by Steven Doyle

Each Monday  you can slide past the front door at Velvet Taco On Henderson in Dallas and grab a hot deal on their rotisserie chicken which includes a whole rotisserie locally sourced chicken, a side of elotes, gremolata potatoes, six handmade corn tortillas, a large side of rotisserie corn pico de gallo, and two sides of Korean BBQ Sauce all for ten dollars. This is half the regular price.

To get the deal go to the back door, knock as loud as you can, and one of the line cooks will open the door. Hand him ten in cash and he will pass off the hot food for you. Pretty cool thing. Think of it as a speakeasy for lunch.

The deal is for the entire day from open to close.


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Saganaki Tacos on Tonight’s Menu

by Steven Doyle

Just to keep things for the weekend extra spicy we wanted to share this taco we tried a few days ago. It is the Taco of the Week at Velvet Taco on Henderson called the Saginaki.

Saganaki is a Greek dish, typically a kefalograviera or sheep’s milk feta that is seared and often set to flames table side.   Continue reading


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Velvet Taco Plies Us With Taco Of The Week

by Steven Doyle

Damn we love tacos. We just saw the Taco of the Week over at Velvet Taco on Henderson in Dallas. Taste this: The Spicy Chicken Tikka Taco is crispy chicken strips coated in a spicy tikka sauce placed on a bed of buttery cilantro basmati rice and finished with raita sauce and thai basil.

I know what’s for lunch today.


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2011 Dallas NYE Suggestions

by Crave Staff

Holiday time is here when we think about ribbons and packages, good friends and wine. Well, more about wine than anything else.  Best make your plans for New Year’s Eve as soon as possible and we have a few suggestions. The list appears in the order we received the information. When making your plans you might also wish to check out proper transportation or lodging.

We started with dining options and ended with clubs and parties. If we missed your party or dinner, let us know and we will include you on the big list.             Continue reading

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