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Dumplings In Dallas We Want Right Now

dumpling1.jpgby Steven Doyle

There is never a bad time to enjoy a dumplings. The very amazing fact about dumplings is that they have this long and illustrious history and cross over many cultures. Look to the Polish for their beautiful piroshky, the Italians and their own ravioli, and our absolut favorite: the xiao long bao, or soup dumpling. For soup dumpling fans there is an even better version called sheng jian bao which is the same except it has a fried posterior.  Continue reading

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Here Is Our Restaurant Advice For This Weekend

DSC00730by Steven Doyle

You want to eat at all the hottest places in Dallas this weekend, well I have a few stand up choices. With all the new openings we all love to try and hit the new ones before going back to our old reliables. If you are like me you love to add new spots to the rotation of restaurants. I will admit to one major obsession, and for those that know me even in the slightest will guess that obsession has been Shell Shack on McKinney Avenue. Shell Shack has served me well nearly twenty times since opening less than two months ago. One really good reason is because their kitchen is open until 1am, except Sunday where they close at 10pm. Should you drop by there, ask for what I usually get, which is a pound of Dungeness doctored up with a spicy concoction they call ‘the kitchen sink’. There are different spice levels, and I typically go hot instead of the very hottest which is called diablo. You can add potatoes, corn and even a tasty sausage.

I have actually written very little about Shell Shack, unless you happen to follow me on Facebook where I beat down my friends weekly with enticing photos of crab. The whole affair can get quite messy, but they have hand washing machines on the ready.   Continue reading

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Deep Ellum’s Monkey King Expands Hours

monkey kingby Steven Doyle

For those following the noodles phenomenon, Monkey King Noodle Company is now staying open late. Until now, the awesome Deep Ellum noodlery opened for lunch and stayed open until they sold out. Today they send word that they have expanded their hours and will be open for dinner from 6 to 10pm.

This will give you a chance to try out a few new menu items such as their dandan noodles made with a savory pork sauce, fresh noodles and a bit of chicken broth. This is a spicy variation on ma jiang mian. Also, vegetarians now may order the new veggie dumplings.

The weather is perfect for a bowl of these bargain priced noodles.

Monkey King Noodle Co | 3014 Main Street, Deep Ellum, Dallas | 469.206.3658

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