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We Love Tanoshii’s Updated Menu

Tokyo seafood ramenby Steven Doyle

Dallas’ first ramen restaurant, Tanoshii Ramen + Bar, located in historic Deep Ellum, has significantly changed its menus.  The new lunch, dinner and late-night menus have launched and are fully in place this week.

Co-owner Chi Le says, “ We have grown a lot since we first opened, and now that we have more experience under our belt, we developed dishes that are more creative and elevated while still preserving classic Japanese ramen culture.  Joey and I, along with our staff, will continue to evolve and push ourselves to be better.”     Continue reading

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Here Is Our Restaurant Advice For This Weekend

DSC00730by Steven Doyle

You want to eat at all the hottest places in Dallas this weekend, well I have a few stand up choices. With all the new openings we all love to try and hit the new ones before going back to our old reliables. If you are like me you love to add new spots to the rotation of restaurants. I will admit to one major obsession, and for those that know me even in the slightest will guess that obsession has been Shell Shack on McKinney Avenue. Shell Shack has served me well nearly twenty times since opening less than two months ago. One really good reason is because their kitchen is open until 1am, except Sunday where they close at 10pm. Should you drop by there, ask for what I usually get, which is a pound of Dungeness doctored up with a spicy concoction they call ‘the kitchen sink’. There are different spice levels, and I typically go hot instead of the very hottest which is called diablo. You can add potatoes, corn and even a tasty sausage.

I have actually written very little about Shell Shack, unless you happen to follow me on Facebook where I beat down my friends weekly with enticing photos of crab. The whole affair can get quite messy, but they have hand washing machines on the ready.   Continue reading

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Miss Chi Is Cute And She Can Cook

SONY DSCby Steven Doyle

There appears to be a new restaurant power couple developing restaurants at break neck speeds in Dallas. Opening their first restaurant, Wicked Po Boy, back in June of 2012, Lan Chi and Joey Le have since opened Tanoshii Ramen + Bar successfully in Deep Ellum this past September.  Less than a month ago Miss Chi was introduced in Preston Center, and based on the crowds we witnessed on several occasions, the latest restaurant is a huge success. We have loved and enjoyed each concept, and Miss Chi certainly falls into those ranks.

Miss Chi is all about the Vietnamese food, which Dallas has embraced openly. The Pho phenomenon has escalated to the point where a bowl of the savory broth is simply part of the weekly rotation for many. The pho at Miss Chi will warm your cockles with its complex flavors, and tender bits of beast including rare slices of steak, tender meatballs and sultry tendon. The soup is garnished with chopped onions and herbs, and served with the usual basil, bean sprouts and wedges of lime. This is truly a delicious bowl of pho.    Continue reading

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Tanoshii Ramen + Bar Opens Today At 5

Tanoshii Ramen + Bar CLAIRE MCCORMACK PHOTOGRAPHY-4761by Steven Doyle         photos by Claire McCormack

Have you caught the ramen fever in Dallas yet? It is not just North Texas, but rather the Northern Hemisphere that is all uppity about ramen. The delicious bowl of love that takes days to prepare and years to perfect has finally hit Deep Ellum, and just in time for cooler climes.

Tenoshii opens today at 5pm for dinner service. Look for lunches very soon.    Continue reading

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Tanoshii Ramen + Bar Opens September 24

Ramen hot pot for late hours webby Jennifer Thomas   photos by Claire McCormack

Dallas’ first ramen restaurant – Tanoshii Ramen + Bar – will open this coming Tuesday, September 24th.  Located in historic Deep Ellum of Dallas, husband and wife duo – Joey and Chi Le – have created a vibrant free-spirited dining room and bar with a carefully developed menu dedicated to the beautiful Japanese noodle dish.  The Le’s bring their experiences and the way they enjoy street food to Tanoshii with making fresh ramen noodles in-house and gyoza, embracing vegan dishes that are embedded in the Asian culture, and serving late night ramen hot pot.

Tanoshii’s recipes were meticulously developed by co-owner, Chi Le.  “Ramen is truly an art.  The ramen chef and the one eating the bowl of ramen are the artists as every bowl is made differently and every bowl is eaten in each person’s own special way,” explains Le.  “It is said that no two bowls of ramen are alike, which is all the more reason to eat as many as possible.  Ramen is simple yet incredibly diverse. One thing that unites all backgrounds is the love of good food.  To enjoy ramen is to appreciate the Japanese culture and the history of this wonderful bowl of noodles, broth and toppings.”   Continue reading

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