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Star Wars Ice Cream Will Force Your Tastebuds to Awaken

starwarsby Adam Campbell-Schmitt

There’s no shortage of Star Wars product tie-ins on the shelf as the much-anticipated Episode VII The Force Awakens hit theaters this month. Almost any item can be emblazoned with a character from a galaxy far, far away, whether it’s cosmetics or coffee creamer. If you’re wondering whether that’s overkill, then I find your lack of faith disturbing. Perhaps the only downside of being a Star Wars fan right now it that we’ll have to wait a long time between the sequels hitting movie theaters, but in the meantime we can binge on one particularly sweet Star Wars treat: Ample Hills Creamery’s The Light Side and The Dark Side ice creams.

The Light Side is comprised of a marshmallow ice cream base, with crispie rice clusters and a sprinkling of cocoa crispies to represent the Dark Side lurking in the shadows. The Dark Side is the mirror image, featuring the darkest chocolate ice cream the shop has ever produced, along with espresso brownie bits, cocoa crispies and white chocolate pearls which prove there is still good within even the darkest ice cream. If loving chocolate represents the Dark Side then consider me a Sith Lord. The ice cream comes in a plastic packaging that is washable and reusable, so collectors have something to keep even after gorging themselves like Jabba the Hutt.  Continue reading

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Why You Should Not Eat Blue Bell Ice Cream In Dallas

ice cream galsby Steven Doyle

The big news hitting the streets of Texas is that Blue Bell is making its comeback in a very large way after experiencing a disaster which affected the health of many people. Although the ice cream is still only available in limited areas in Texas, places like Pokey-O’s, which makes a dreamy ice cream sandwich using homemade cookies and a selection of Blue Bell, actually made a trip to Austin to procure enough ice cream to sell a dozen of the sandwiches Thursday night (September 3rd) for sale to benefit the North Texas Food Bank. The ice cream sandwiches will set you back $25 each.

For those wishing to find Blue Bell, as it has been blasted across the media, you will soon have all the flavors you have come to enjoy at a store near you.

Charity aside, we are going to make a very unpopular stance: Blue Bell Ice Cream just isn’t that great. Especially considering the competition. We made a list of places in the DFW area that should be on your ice cream licking list. Go local! Continue reading


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Carnival Barker Loses Lease at Truck Yard *Update

DSC00607by Steven Doyle

Carnival Barker Ice Cream, owned by Aaron Barker  Dallas’ only rock and roll ice cream maker, lost his lease at his original Greenville Avenue location. Located in 120 square feet of space near the entrance to The Truck Yard, Barker is now in search for a new location in the area.    Continue reading

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Five Unusual King Cakes That Are a Real Thing

kingby Steven Doyle

In the past we have extolled the virtues of a particular cake that should be served during this special time of year and is found at Village Baking Company, but we know the inner-partier in you wants something more colorful, more lurid, glittering and borderline bilious. We know the King Cake that you are seeking, and we found a few that you may not be totally aware existed. We have a list.

Continue reading

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Slow Food Dallas Hosting Ice Cream Social

Dalriada Festivalby Jennifer Thomas  photo by Nick Visser

There is a super cool Ice Cream Social on FRIDAY, June 20st, from 7 to 10pm at Garden Café (5310 Junius Street). This event is a fundraiser to support Slow Food Dallas’ new education partnership with Skyline High School’s culinary department. Funds raised will be used to support and expand the program in the 2014-2015 school year.

Tickets are on sale now and include:   Continue reading

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I Scream For Kate’s Ice Cream

kate2by Steven Doyle

Kate Weiser is preparing to open her new chocolate shop in Trinity Groves, and is giving you a little sneak peek this weekend at the Little D Farmers Market that is set up in front of the seven restaurants that line the avenue just across the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge to the west of Dallas. The Farmers Market sets up shop this Sunday, June 8th. The talented chocolatier will be offering up her ice cream that she will be selling at her new shop.    Continue reading

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