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The Libertine Celebrates Festivus Tuesday, December 23rd

seinfeld-festivus-poleby Steven Doyle

With the holiday season in full swing, it is time we set our hearts and minds towards those things that mean the most. Like airing our grievances, and testing our strength against our fellow man. Yes, I am talking Festivus, my friends. Where better to celebrate this auspicious day than at The Libertine Bar on Greenville Avenue?

Libertine is proudly celebrating our favorite anti-holiday, a season with no reason, Tuesday, December 23rd. they will be offering a 3-drink menu of $5 cocktails from our sponsors Buffalo Trace, Famous Grouse, and Botanist Gin/Cointreau, as well as a Monk’s Cafe Meatloaf Sandwiches designed by Chef Ashley Yancy. The event runs all night, but the feats of strength and airing of grievances are from 8-12pm.   Continue reading

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Behind the Stick: The Libertine’s Mate Hartai

by Jason Kosmas

The first time I had a conversation with Mate Hartai was a late night at the Windmill Lounge. Everything we talked about quickly went under a microscope-getting into the finer details of each subject. Music, bartending, food, it quickly occurred to me that Mate was the kind of guy that had to know the science and physics of everything he was passionate about. Some people exude passion in different ways. For him, he was beyond childhood curiosity with every subject he put his mind to and that level of dedication is out of pure appreciation and respect.

Mate has been the driving force behind The Libertine Bar on Greenville for over 3 years now. He was quick to point out that even though he put his full energy behind every aspect of this unassuming neighborhood joint, he is only continuing the work set up by the owners. Mate is great guy to “wax intellectual” with and has that timeless bartender sage persona from his facial hair to the dry wit of his social commentary.  Continue reading


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