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Fluent Friday At Private Social

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ABC’s Carla Hall: Today’s Martha Stewart

by Judy Chamberlain             photos by Robert Bostick

Carla Hall is the new Martha Stewart. The Top Chef All Star and co-host of ABC’s wildly successful  The Chew, has been – like Stewart – a model and finance professional. Stewart was a stockbroker; Hall was an accountant. Both traded careers in business for food and media situations. As beautiful inside as she is to look at, Hall takes America’s love affair with food and chefs over the top.     Continue reading


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Angelo Sosa On His New Book, Top Chef, And How To Make The Best Burger In The Country

by Steven Doyle

I ran into Angelo Sosa this week having dinner with Private Social’s Tiffany Derry and her husband at Village Marquee. Sosa is a fellow Top Chef alumnus and was featured in season 7, the same as Tiffany. He also made it to the Top Chef Masters.

Sosa owns several restaurants in New York including Social Eatz and Añejo Tequileria in Hell’s Kitchen. I had a chance the next day to sit down with the chef to chat about his career and his new photo heavy cookbook.             Continue reading

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When A Bartender Becomes A Gentleman Farmer

by Steven Doyle

Rocco Milano has pulled a Green Acres on us. Milano is the engaging barmen at Private Social and until recently he lived very close to the Uptown restaurant where he works. Now his commute is a bit longer as he drives in from his 60-acre farm in Valley View just north of Denton.

“Yesterday I spent about 10 hours digging and dropping in a bunch of fruit bearing trees. I have a bunch of berry shrubs I am putting in next. I have this spectacular herb garden. Right now the chocolate mint is flourishing like you can’t imagine,” said Milano, “How cool is that to see these plants grow from a seed and take them to the final product?”               

Continue reading

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Private Social Celebrity Chef Series: Anjelo Sosa

by Steven Doyle

Make reservations now to attend this special dinner at Private Social hosted by chef Tiffany Derry as she prepares a special evening with Top Chef buddy Anjelo Sosa, chef-owner of Social Eatz and the new  Añejo Tequileria in Hell’s Kitchen. Dinner will include a signed copy of Sosa’s book, Flavor Exposed, and the four course meal priced at $125 per person.

Reservations are required as space is limited. Call 214.754.4744 today.


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The Importance Of Momentum

by Jayne M. Chobot      photos by Robert Bostick (taken at Private Social event)

I love my job. I learn and grow with every project I do, with every interaction I have. It has allowed me to have some amazing experiences that I may not have had without it. When I leave my company this September, I will have traveled around the world, spoken one-on-one with world leaders, played with schoolchildren in Cape Town, toured a chocolate factory in Vancouver, danced at a gala in Prague, and biked through Montmartre just hours the after the Dallas Mavericks won the 2011 NBA Championship. I even met my soon-to-be husband through my company, 3 years ago this month. I have the pleasure to work for over a hundred top executives around the world, the smartest and most successful in their industry. My job requires me to function well in high-stress situations, to be diplomatic, organized and self-motivated, and to work collaboratively with a wide variety of people from many different cultures and backgrounds.

Whenever I end up explaining exactly what it is that I do, which is quite often, the next question I am almost always asked is “what kind of background do you have to get a job like that?”

I always smile and simply tell them that I worked in hospitality.   Continue reading


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