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NOLA Off The Beaten Trail

By Farah Fleurima

So it’s your third or fourth day in New Orleans, and you want to do something miles away from Bourbon Street in spirit — where to go?

If it’s imbibing you want, away from the boisterous rowdiness of Bourbon, turn up St. Peter Street to find a low-key little locals spot called Boondock Saint. No frills, but also no hawkers standing outside trying to pack the place with partiers. And partiers would flock if they saw the prices here. “We’re a local bar with local prices,” the sweet-faced bartender told me. That meant $3.75 vodka sodas at 2:30 a.m. Who needs a happy hour or hawkers with prices like that?   Continue reading

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Post Card From Nola: The Alibi

by Dorothy Hernandez

Bar food doesn’t immediately bring to mind gourmet, or even edible, food. Its purpose is utilitarian, whether you’re trying to soak up the booze or prep for a night of heavy drinking. The choices are pretty standard: fries, nachos, any heat and serve product that you can take out of a bag and dump into a deep fryer.

At The Alibi, 811 Iberville in New Orleans, there are mysterious dollar bills pinned to the ceiling. Even at 1 p.m., it smells like Bourbon Street at 3 a.m. It seems like a bar this dive-y would have food only fit for the inebriated but The Alibi is one of those serendipitous vacation finds.

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Why Wine Took Me To A Motel Off I-20 In Shreveport

by David Donalson

Shreveport is known as Dallas’ little Vegas, full of craps tables and ante-free blackjack, but no one goes to Shreveport thinking they are going to get the full Vegas treatment. I may now have a solution for you. While I cannot magically make Cirque du Soleil appear at the Horseshoe, I can now tell you where to go to dinner to impress… a little motel off I-20 and Diamondjacks.    Continue reading

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Achatz Aviary or Next Can Be Yours If The Price Is Right

by Steven Doyle

From Grant Achatz comes a fantastic offer that will surely be snatched up immediately. Now you may rent out one of his Chicago  laboratories for New Years Eve. The entire restaurant or bar will be at your whim for the right price. Read on from the wizard himself and gather your buddies.   Continue reading

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Chefs Without Borders

by Steven Lindsey

What could be more exciting than spending a romantic weekend in Cabo San Lucas with Chef Kent Rathbun? OK, I should probably clarify. Rathbun will be there, but not for the romantic part. Unless you consider savoring his tasty morsels an act of seduction. (Nobody’s here to judge.)

Last week, diners got a preview of a chef-swap partnership between Rathbun and Chef Marco Bustamante from Capella Pedregal one of the most luxurious resorts in all of Mexico. Together, the chefs prepared an incredible five-course dinner filled with amazing flavors like “Crema de Elote” (cream of corn) with Peekytoe crab.     Continue reading

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Suzi Eats New Orleans

by Suzi Migdol

Still scouring the streets of New Orleans, which is never a bad thing, it was getting late and our party was looking for a little Southern hospitality that the Big Easy had to offer. Many of the locals pointed to The Ruby Slipper to help fill our welcoming needs along with a great meal. The cute building that housed The Ruby Slipper was warm and intimate.  Essence of garlic emanating from the kitchen filled the room, assuring us that we had definitely made the right choice for dinner.    Continue reading

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