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Ava Hosts San Martino Vineyards

by Steven Doyle         

Wine dinners are extremely popular with restaurants and is a simple concept. An ambassador for the winery, often the owner, will pay a visit to a restaurant who will host a special menu for that one evening. Certainly we enjoy these and try to make as many as we can to become more familiar with the wineries and take a more intimate look at the restaurant. Last evening was no exception as we joined the people of Rockwall’s Restaurant Ava for a look at a local Rockwall wine, San Martino.

As I discussed the variety served last night with owner of San Martino, Emilio Ramos, I was pleasantly surprised how perfectly balanced the wines were. Later I had a discussion with Ava’s chef-owners, Randall Copeland and Nathan Tate, and we compared notes. Randall was more familiar with the local winery, but I was not. We both agreed these wines were special.          Continue reading

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Doins’ In July

A recap of the fun stuff that happened in July.

Photos by Robert Bostick

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Food Photo Of The Week

Restaurant Ava, photo by Robert Bostick

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Cafe Momentum Serves 85 in Pop-Up Dinner

by Steven Doyle   photos by Robert Bostick

Café Momentum  is a non-profit restaurant concept that serves as a culinary training facility for the disadvantaged. The primary focus is on the Dallas County Youth Village, a juvenile detention facility for 13-17 year old non-violent adjudicated young boys. With the help of the Youth Village Resources of Dallas created a culinary program within the facility that is currently teaching the students basic culinary skills. Upon completing the program, the students graduate to a paid position working in the Youth Village cafeteria.  Continue reading

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Why I could not be a chef – A day in the kitchen

Cooking is one of my favorite hobbies. There is nothing better than made-from-scratch pasta or homemade desserts. I realize that I am not a professional chef by any stretch but I would like to think I could hold my own in the right scenario. I have even held a few wine dinners at my house where I cooked the food and paired it with wine as a learning experience/fun family gathering. So when Chef Randall Copeland of Restaurant AVA called to have me come out and help with wine service at a wedding he was catering in the Texas Hill Country, I arrogantly volunteered myself to help cook, thinking I could hold my own. Little did I know what I got myself into. Continue reading


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