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Meet Master Sushi Chef Hiroyuki Fujino From Five Sixty

by Steven Doyle

What are great qualities of a sushi chef? Amiable, imaginative and raw talent are a few things that come to mind. Certainly these words all hold true when describing Master Sushi Chef Hiroyuki “Fuji” Fujino.  We might toss in charming for good measure, and perhaps when we sup on the omakase at Five Sixty atop the tower at the Hyatt downtown the master might toss an extra morsel of the good stuff our way.

Omakase is when you trust your sushi chef to plan your meal for you in place of ordering ala carte. You will find the chef more giving in his rarer stock with more visits when the chef starts trusting your palate as much as you trust that he will prepare something hopefully more rare than those around you. This is a tasting menu with few rules.             Continue reading

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First Look: John Tesar’s Spoon Bar and Kitchen

by Steven Doyle

Spoon Bar and Kitchen will more than likely be open for business this weekend, but that could change depending on the mood of chef-owner, John Tesar. For the sake of brevity, I am sure most in the city are familiar with Tesar, but if not you may catch him tonight as the 10th season of Top Chef premiers. Although the chef can’t, and won’t give up any juicy details of his exploits on the program, you may rest assured he charges out with his guns blazing.

Last night I was an invited guest of Tesar at the soft opening for Spoon, Tesar’s love child of a restaurant that he has been working on for the past year. Guests were not offered selections from the regular menu, but rather from his tasting menu, which will change often to keep up with seasons and availability of ingredients.  The tasting menu will be offered each day on the menu. Continue reading


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Lighter Fare For Marquee Grill Lunch Menu In Dallas

by Steven Doyle

You can always tell the change of seasons, not by the weather conditions, but instead by the many menu updates at the better restaurants. Chefs will adjust their menus to reflect the availability of ingredients and this is always a time to celebrate. Like the season itself, chef Tre Wilcox sprung into action to breath new life into the luncheon menu at his restaurant, Marquee Grill.

Now absent are some of the fried victuals that could be found on Wilcox’ menu just a short few weeks ago. You will spot lighter fare, with sauté’s and seafood being the focus.                  Continue reading

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A Visit to Russian Banya

by Steven Doyle

Hidden in a small Carrollton shopping center on Rosemeade Parkway is a tiny oasis of Russia that is steeped up in time honored tradition of cooking and the only Banya in Texas.

Russian Banya, Spa and Cafe has Russian, Finnish and Turkish steam rooms. The Russian steam room holds a wood-burning masonry stove and is kept above 200 degrees with 40-65 percent humidity. The dry cedar-lined Finnish sauna stays between 180-210 degrees with 5 or 10 percent humidity. The Turkish sauna is a wet steam room kept at 90-110 degrees with 100 percent humidity.      Continue reading

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