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Meet Garrett Marrero from Maui Brewing Company

by Steven Doyle

We recently caught up with brewer and general happiest guy we ever met and asked him a few questions.  Please meet Garrett Marrero from Maui Brewing Company.  We recently caught up with the brewer which offers beer made in Hawaii and shipped to the mainland.  There are a few confusing brands out there that claim to be shipped from Hawaii and Garrett will attempt to clear that up for us.  Continue reading

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Goodfriend To Open Package Store

by Steven Doyle

The cicerone at Union Bear, Jeff Fryman, has tendered his resignation and leaving for a new venture owned by the gents that brought us Goodfriend in east Dallas. Josh Yingling and Matt Tobin will be opening what is tentatively called the Goodfriend Package Store which will be located across the street from Goodfriend the bar which is currently a laundromat.

Fryman’s duties will include assisting customers with their beer selection and driving potential guests across the street to enjoy the beers on tap. Unlike the area on Greenville Avenue where the World Beer Company is located and can actually serve beer in addition to selling packages to go, the area where Goodfriend is located is zoned to prohibit such an operation.     Continue reading


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What You Didn’t See on craveDFW This Week

by Steven Doyle

Each week the various writers of craveDFW are hitting the streets with zeal looking for fun and interesting news to bring our readers. We feel the mix of contributors from restaurant industry professionals, artists, enthusiasts, and photographers keeps us on the cutting edge of the Dallas scene.

Many weeks there are articles written by other top-tiered food blogs that we wish we had written first. Because of these instances, we often choose not to re-write the same information you probably gleaned elsewhere. Starting this week we will mention those stories that interested us, and share the links as a service to our readers.  Continue reading

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One Beer Island: Festina Peche

by Jeff Fryman

It’s July, I live in Texas, and it’s hot. And I don’t mean ‘let’s throw the frisbee on the beach’ hot or ‘picking apples in Washington State and having so much fun’ hot. I mean dumb hot, like ‘I walked to my car and I am already sweating’ hot.

I heard someone refer to it as ‘hotter than a pair of sweat pants full of barbecue sauce.’ And although this makes absolutely no sense at all, it makes sense in Texas especially with the random bbq mention.

In summary, this time of year in Texas, it’s hot as hell. Now, imagine you’ve been taken to a fake island that is just as hot, but your somewhat evil captors are forcing you to drink a single type of beer. With it being so ridiculously hot and all, what could possibly be refreshing enough?

If stranded on an island with only one beer to drink, this week I would pick: Dogfish Head’s Festina Peche.   Continue reading

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Common Table Beer Dinner

by Crave Staff

Lagunitas is considered the bad boys of the beer world, often throwing down crazy descriptions of their beer like this for their IPA:

“Like Adam and Eve, Isaac and Ishmael, Mao and Confucius, Good and Evil, Day and Night, Hittites and Visigoths, John and Lorena, or Groucho and Moe, Ales and Lagers are as different as can be. Still, we must love each for who they are, separately but equally, with liberty, and justice, for all. Cheers!”   Continue reading

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Veritas Pig Roast July 3

Brook's Fave Facebook Photo

by Steven Doyle

It’s probably no secret we enjoy a glass of wine at Veritas or a beer at least once a week.  It’s a nice place to unwind, but also a cool gathering of people from all walks of life.  The tiny patio out front is always buzzing, and they have a fantastic wine and beerselection at fair prices.

We encourage you to jump to their website and sign up for email alerts as the team at Veritas stays busy with new ideas to keep things fresh.  One of the ways is by using the hell out of owner Brook’s Hasty Bake oven

He sent an alert recently that informs us of his latest patio grilling venture that includes a pig and some chef friends. You are invited!   Continue reading

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