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Balcony Club Celebrates 25th Anniversary

balconyby Judy Chamberlain

More than two decades ago, Dallas resident Tommy Stanco, an avid gourmet cook and former professional children’s entertainer, combined his love of hospitality and music to create an aura that would transform Lakewood’s Balcony Club from a simple piano bar to a haven for live music and Texas-sized camaraderie featuring as many as 70 bands each month.

Stanco – who went to work at The Balcony Club as a bartender on Valentine’s Day 1990 and bought the place from original owners Burke and Jo Barr – has been its sole owner for over twenty years. Recently, he added his own band to the roster of regulars on the club’s calendar. Continue reading

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Austin-Based Rocketboys At Dada June 10th

by Steven Doyle

Check out Austin-based indie-rock band The Rocketboys and their upcoming show at Club Dada in Dallas on June 10. The band is gearing up to tour in support of their forthcoming album, Build Anyway that was released June 5, 2012.. They’re an incredible up-and-coming band who have built great momentum since the release of their debut album 20,000 Ghosts in 2009. Three years later and the band has returned with what could possibly be one of the most heartfelt, best Indie rock albums of the year.          Continue reading

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“Before the Dawn Heals Us:” A Rift Amid Real and Imagined

by Dr. Spin

I was blown away by the songs I knew at M83’s recent concert, but there was also a lot of unfamiliar material that caught my attention. I walked away with a new appreciation for Saturdays=Youth and Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, as well as an intense and perhaps financially dangerous curiosity about M83’s back catalog. The next day, I took a stack of unwanted CDs to Waterloo and traded them in for Before the Dawn Heals Us. This has turned out to be a good move, because it sows seeds that come to fruition in M83’s current work.

I’d like to elaborate on some of my previous observations about the ways that disparate influences uniquely converge in M83’s music.  Especially after getting to know Before the Dawn Heals Us, I think…go think at the Pharmacy

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Cottage Lounge Closes

by Steven Doyle

Known for their hard drinks, hot blues and rock and rock and occasional jam sessions where musicians sat in to play extra long sets, the Cottage Lounge  located on Northwest Highway has closed its doors after a legendary run, taking its cue from a similar music venue Hole In The Wall which shuttered last year. We need to save our small live music venues. Wake up, Dallas.

Here is a set to take them out.



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Sarah Jaffe Commandeers Granada’s Facebook

by Jerry Stewart

The historic Granada Theater’s Facebook  page will be taken over by Singer/Songwriter, Sarah Jaffe starting at 12 midnight on Wednesday, April 25 until 12 midnight on Thursday, April 26th.  Sarah will have free range to post anything she wants on the Facebook page.  The Granada staff does not initally appear to be frightened.   Continue reading

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Keller: The Land of Milk and Honey

by Steven Doyle

Just days ago I aimed my car west and headed to Keller, which until now has been known for its Babe’s Chicken, at least in my mind. Stepping into boutique restaurant Milk and Honey is like walking up onto the back porch of an Amish couple at supper time, which for the uninitiated, that is a very good thing.

The restaurant actually has a southern gentility to it, and is stocked with trinkets that your grandmother coveted so much. I am talking the needle-point, the glassware, and all the photos that could be stuffed into a trunk. It’s actually very quaint and comforting.            Continue reading


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Cirque du Soleil: Quidam Coming to Frisco (Win Tickets Here)

by Steven Doyle

Young Zoé is bored; her parents, distant and apathetic, ignore her. Her life has lost all meaning. Seeking to fill the void of her existence, she slides into an imaginary world – the world of Quidam – where she meets characters who encourage her to free her soul.    Continue reading


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