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Chefs At the Dallas Farmers Market

by Steven Doyle            photo by Robert Bostick

One of the best deals in cooking classes comes from the good people at the Dallas Farmers Market who bring us their 2012 chef series featuring some of the best chefs in the Dallas area. Last week food enthusiasts were entertained by chef Jason Weaver of Texas Spice at the new Dallas Omni. You may recall Weaver from his days at the Adolphus French Room.

Coming up this weekend find Tre Wilcox of Marquee Grill fame as he schools his audience on the finer points of Spring cookery.  More than likely he will be bringing his fresh fare from his restaurant which is chockfull of fresh veggies and seafood.     Continue reading

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Market Report: Shed Two Expansions

by Steven Doyle

It is always a good thing to take a stroll through Shed Two at the Dallas Farmers Market. You never know what you might encounter in the building that hosts many prepared foods. This past weekend proves that point well.

At first glance you will find that Natsumi has taken leave, so you are no longer able to sample their fine gelatos. However we learned that Ruth Ann and Bill Glover who operate Fudgemakers, also located in Shed Two, purchased the Natsumi equipment and will be taking a class in New York to learn the finer points of gelato making. They have already begun their build out next to their current business and will soon add gelato to their line up of sweets.       Continue reading


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Lowdown on the Hoedown

by Crave Staff

This week marks the 17th annual Hoedown fundraiser that benefit’s the Dallas Farmers Market Friends who actively promote and service the 70-year old market. This year’s event is particularly special as it also serve as a tribute to its founding member, Ida Papert, who passed away this past January.    Continue reading

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