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Food Trucks at North Haven Gardens

by Steven Doyle

We just heard from Nikki Rosen at North Haven Gardens, and she is bringing in lunch to the garden center this Friday from 11am to 2pm. Rosen is the marketing whiz at North Haven and thought it would be interesting to have food trucks stop by each week in an area that is underserved with restaurants.    

This Friday look for the Tin Star Taco Taxi to stop by. Rosen is working with other trucks to attract them as well.

You can find North Haven Gardens at 7700 Northaven Road Dallas, Texas 75230 or call Nikki Rosen at (214) 363-5316 for more details.

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Going Local at Bolsa Mercado

by Steven Doyle

This weekend we took a stroll into the fairly new Bolsa Mercado top check out some of the local products they are moving at break-neck speeds. We ran into on of the owners, Chris Zielke and he showed us around a bit. You will recognize the name from his other Bolsa, the restaurant, just a few doors down the street.

“This is so much different than running the restaurant. I come in on a Monday morning and the shelves are bare, and I have to start all over again,” said Zielke.                Continue reading

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Harris and Balke Serve up with Momentum

by Steven Doyle

This past weekend we celebrated another chapter of the pop-up restaurant that should soon be a full on brick and mortar concern. Cafe Momentum, a Dallas-based restaurant and culinary training program working in conjunction with the Youth Village Resources of Dallas (YVRD) to train students in all aspects of working in a restaurant, and is the brain-child of Parigi chef-owners Janice Provost and Chad Houser.         

These students would be our waiters, platers, dish-washers and other such jobs that are crucial for a restaurant, giving them valuable experience that can help them get a job in the industry. In fact, several of the students present now have jobs due to their experience of working with such chefs so kudos to all who are supporting the program.     Continue reading

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Barbour Wine Dinner Hosted at Grace

by Steven Doyle

Recently we were invited to be the guest of Adam Jones and Carolyn Grace Jones at their beautiful restaurant in Fort Worth, Grace, for a very special dinner featuring the wines of Barbour Vineyards. Adam is a long time restaurateur and Carolyn is the inspiration, designer and namesake of the restaurant.

At the dinner we not only met vineyard owner, Jim Barbour, but also Celia Welch his winemaker. Welch is one of North America’s most highly regarded winemakers and has earned a reputation for crafting distinctive wines that express the unique qualities and characteristics of each vineyard.     Continue reading

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Wolfgang Puck Talks New Trends and His In-N-Out Experience

By Steven Doyle   photos by Joy Jangles

Last week we had the good fortune to meet up with chef Wolfgang Puck who locally owns Five Sixty, and the legendary Beverly Hills restaurant Spago. In all he is responsible for over 100 restaurants across the country and opening more very soon.

We chatted up chef Puck about the Academy Awards, new restaurant trends, eating local, The James Beard Lifetime Achievement Award and we got the skinny on In-N-Out Burger in this fun question and answer session.    Continue reading


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First Look: Union Bear Opens Today

by Steven Doyle

Yesterday we checked out the Union Bear which swings open its doors today in the West Village on McKinney Avenue in Uptown Dallas. We spoke with both owner Matt Spiller and chef John Kleifgen on our visit and sat down to try some of the food being offered up to their eager patrons.

When walking into Union Bear you will notice that like all of the Spiller operations it fits beautifully with the existing neighborhood architecture. They were not trying to recreate a previous motif like you might find at Eno’s or Oddfellows.   Continue reading


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Meet Cable Smith of Mason Bar

by Steven Doyle  photos by Robert Bostick

Earlier this week we introduced you to chef David Anthony Temple (DAT) who will be opening up the Mason Bar at the end of January. Temple will not be cooking alone and has brought in an inspiring chef that has cooked with both Kent Rathbun and Richard Blais. His demeanor is cool handed, and his cooking is inspirational. Dallas is most fortunate to have Cable Smith who will open as chef de cuisine at Mason Bar.

Please meet Cable Smith.          Continue reading

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