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Brooklyn Dumpling Shop Opens First Texas Location Next Monday

Brooklyn Dumpling Shop, the unique quick-serve concept hailing from New York City, will open its first Texas location in Dallas on Monday, May 15 offering traditional and specialty dumplings influenced by flavors found in a typical New York City diner.

Located in the historic district of Deep Ellum at 2548 Elm Street, Dallas, TX, Brooklyn Dumpling Shop not only provides creative dumplings and bowls but also a modern dining experience. First opened in New York City in May 2021; Dallas marks its 6th location and first outside of the New York area. 

Local Dallas resident and Franchise Partner for Texas, Sam Cole says, “I found Brooklyn Dumpling Shop after years of searching for a restaurant franchise that felt right to jump into and invest. My wife and I fell in love with the tech behind it and the fact that the creators were pursuing a concept not only with efficiency, less food waste, but ultimately a solid product with a dedicated following.”

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Dumplings In Dallas We Want Right Now

dumpling1.jpgby Steven Doyle

There is never a bad time to enjoy a dumplings. The very amazing fact about dumplings is that they have this long and illustrious history and cross over many cultures. Look to the Polish for their beautiful piroshky, the Italians and their own ravioli, and our absolut favorite: the xiao long bao, or soup dumpling. For soup dumpling fans there is an even better version called sheng jian bao which is the same except it has a fried posterior.  Continue reading

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A Variety Of Dumplings In Dallas

by Steven Doyle          pictured: Gnudi

Dumplings are simply cooked dough. Each culture has their own version and they can be steamed, poached, boiled, baked or fried. When thinking dumpling, many will immediately gear towards the Asian cultures with their plentiful varieties, but there are so many more representations of the dumpling and most are available in Dallas.

When looking for the perfect dumpling look no further than a pierogi, the boiled or baked dish with Central European roots can be filled with meat, cheese, fruit and even sauerkraut. A popular filling in the United States is the venerable potato.  Continue reading

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First Look: Wokk Asian Cookhouse

dsc00470by Steven Doyle

A new fast-casual popped up recently in Richardson and caught our eye as we were passing through the busy neighborhood. Wokk Asian Cookhouse is now open and serving familiar but tasty versions of old favorites using fresh and local ingredients.

Wokk was created by a father and son team who were looking for a New Asian type of cooking taking old school dishes to another level. So you will find your Kung Pao and Orange Chicken, but with stronger and more refined flavors not often found in walk-up counter service.   Continue reading

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Hot Pots, Shrimp Balls and Mary at Caravelle

by Steven Doyle

We drove through Chinatown in Richardson this week in search of something particular, but the restaurant we were looking for was a mob scene. So we carefully summoned past memories of all the many choices of restaurants in the plaza and decided on Caravelle which has a focus on Vietnamese and Chinese dishes.

You can certainly find a worthy bowl of pho on the menu, but was looking for something a bit different. For a soup we ordered a combination hot pot which would encompass many of the seafood items they offer, but we were being waited on by the most entertaining Mary, who is also a manager at the restaurant, and she directed us to the catfish hot pot.  She said it was much more authentic, and we are a sucker for that phrase.   Continue reading


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