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Wabi House Ramen Opens June 27

Wabi House, Ramen

by Steven Doyle

Look for a new ramen hot spot opening 11 am on Saturday, June 27, 2015 at 1802 Greenville Avenue. Wabi House will have a  menu curated with several types of ramen including a vegetarian option and tonkatsu ramen where Chef Nguyen braises the chashu pork for four hours, and cooks his broth for a total of 18 hours. The soup is studded with corn, wood-ear mushrooms, marinated egg, black garlic oil and sliced scallions. Wabi House will also serve a variety of small plates.    Continue reading

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First Look: Remedy on Greenville

DSC06014by Steven Doyle

When the concept of Remedy was first suggested to me I was told it is a bit of Southern cooking like your mother might make. Now my mother was a fantastic cook, and we come from a restaurant family. My grandmother was an amazing cook, and this cuisine is a lot like what she might make; if my grandmother even knew what the word confit meant she might be able to duplicate the Remedy chicken. Not to take anything away from my family matriarch, but executive chef Danyele McPherson is pretty splendid in her kitchen.

First let’s get the best thing on the menu out of the way. Confit Amish Fried Chicken is something you definitely want to try first. Not only tender, but juicy with a crust that holds tight to the bird, and is seasoned with a deft hand and a keen eye. For this dish alone I want to hug and hold tight to our favorite cooking ginger, Danyele. I think I did. I forget the words to the teary-eyed speech, but that is not important.  Continue reading

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Brunch At Clark Food And Wine Is A Relaxing Change Of Pace

20141207_141951by Steven Doyle

Brunches in Dallas are almost ritualistic, with copious amount of eggs served unceremoniously atop English muffins and drowned in a bright yellow hollandaise. Do not forget the requisite pitcher of mimosas that set off even the dullest Sunday Funday. But Clark Food and Wine has taken a different look at how a brunch should be served. You remember Clark, which opened its doors just months ago on the lucky side of Lowest Greenville Avenue and is owned by chef Randall Warder, the former exec sous at the Mansion during the Fearing era. This is a pretty serious restaurant that is easy on the pocketbook, but serves up huge flavors with many items touched by the house pizza oven or smoker.   Continue reading


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Dude Sweet Celebrates 5th Year Anniversary


This past weekend Dude, Sweet Chocolate owner Katherine Clapner and her crew that scatter across the three Dallas and Fort Worth locations celebrated the local chocolate maker’s fifth anniversary. Each store held a party that included a vast tasting of Dude’s products, a potent warm and mulled cocktail made with a variety of fresh fruits, and tunes spun by local DJ legend Eddie Murphy.   Continue reading


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First Look: Clark Food & Wine Company

DSC05158by Steven Doyle

What happens when you combine a five star chef with one of the funky new spaces on lower Greenville? The child would definitely be called Clark Food and Wine Company, and the chef giving birth would certainly be Randall Warder. Chef Warder has an auspicious resume, working with the Dean Fearing regime at the Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek as executive sous chef for nine years, and more recently as chief concept officer at Romano’s Macaroni Grill.

The cuisine at Clark is more tapas-style, but hearty and more giving than any shared menu in the city. In addition to the shared plates, you will find a great selection of flatbreads, artisan sandwiches and smoked meats. This is definitely how we are enjoying our meals these days. It is a far more interesting date to enjoy a smattering of foods, chef-driven cocktails and a well appointed wine and beer menu with friends and family. Continue reading


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Remedy Opens In December And Announces Chef Line Up


Remedy, created by Elias Pope (owner of HG Sply Co.) is a neighborhood restaurant/bar that will serve chef created American cuisine. Opening late November/early December of this year at 2010b Greenville Ave, chef Danyele McPherson will serve as executive chef with Guillermo “GMO” Tristan serving as executive pastry chef. They are teaming up to bring a menu that is all about ‘back to basics’ but with polished technique.

McPherson says, “ This is food everyone has eaten before – the idea is not completely foreign – you have a memory of eating it as a child. We are taking familiar and simple ideas and executing them at what we hope is the highest level possible. We want to take these familiar food items and turn them into refined dishes. Remedy is not about sourcing exotic ingredients, it’s about sourcing the best ingredients possible and making the best fish sandwich, BLT, grilled cheese, pork chop, pot pie etc that we possibly can. The menu is inspired by food my mom would make when I was growing up. We will also be serving a rotation of vegetarian dishes. It’s important to me that there be something for everyone at Remedy.”

Continue reading


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First Look: Shiva’s — A Phoenix By Any Other Name

shiva2by Andrew Chalk

2014 shall be forever remembered, not only as the 100th anniversary of The Great War, but for being the year of an even more formative event in the history of mankind. I refer of course to the abrupt shuttering of Taj Express on Lemmon Avenue, the dilapidated shack of an Indian restaurant that essentially served the whole south-of-northwest-highway catchment area with Indian food.

Sure, it was all-buffet, all the time. Sure, the buffet only had about three meat dishes and about five veggies. Sure, it was closed Sunday (when everybody wants brunch). Sure, the tables and chairs appeared to have been reclaimed from a dump. Sure, the building looked like it would blow down if one of the passing homeless people as much as farted at it from twenty yards.   Continue reading


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