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How to Dine Like Julia in Dallas

julia.jpgby Steven Doyle

We all have some sort of memory with Julia Child, some from television and her program the French Chef, others from the many local book signings, and some from marvelous dining experiences right here in Dallas. Continue reading

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Potato Flats Opening July 1st

pot1by Steven Doyle

Restaurant genius Phil Romano is opening yet another restaurant in Trinity Groves. The latest to join the ranks is a fast casual spot called Potato Flats. Think fancy baked russet and sweet potatoes stuffed with a whole host of  fresh chef prepared items. These are not your ordinary buttered spuds, but instead a full meal with the potato as its canvass. The restaurant is due to open July 1, 2014 at 11am.

Interesting enough, Romano himself created the potato smasher, which you think an ordinary brick would suffice. Instead the smasher is a large hand-powered device that has a round center, and perfectly smashed the potato leaving no room for error. It is quite something to behold.    Continue reading

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First Look: Chino Chinatown

chino3by Steven Doyle

Trinity Groves has shaped up to be one of the premier foodie destinations in Dallas over the past year. It was nearly one year ago when we spoke with Phil Romano as he laid out the plans and aspirations for for his patch of land just beyond the beautiful and newly inaugurated Margaret Hunt-Hill Bridge. Since that time much of what Romano promised has come to fruition in the form of a handful of unique incubator restaurants. Today marks the opening of yet another concept in Chino Chinatown, the brainchild of Uno Immanivong and Adrian Verdin.     Continue reading

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First Look: Amberjax in Trinity Groves

DSC09383by Steven Doyle

Tis the season to open a restaurant in Trinity Groves. If you have not checked out the growing number of restaurants that have recently opened in Trinity Groves, you are missing out on a new treasure in Dallas. The most recent to join that list of openings is Amberjax. Located on the northside of the main building, Amberjax is both a seafood market and restaurant combined into one. Amberjax is owned and operated by Larry Williams and Karen Simmons-Williams. Larry was formerly running the kitchen at Rex’s Seafood Market, and jumped ship to open his own restaurant. Originally he planned to stake claim directly across the street from Rex’s, but that plan was scrubbed and he partnered with Phil Romano and Trinity Groves. 

The restaurant opened this past Saturday to a large reception. The room is long and airy with a genteel southern feel. The interior is bright and inviting, and not overly pretentious much like Larry himself. Amberjax is no doubt occupies the largest space in Trinity Groves so far (sans 3015 the cheffy entertainment venue across the parking lot), and also has the largest and most interesting kitchen which is decked out with every appliance known to chefs.    Continue reading

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Phil Romano Talks To Us About Trinity Groves

DSC05489by Steven Doyle

Today the second of many restaurants will open in Trinity Groves, the up and coming hot spot which was the brainchild of Phil Romano which was conceptualized nearly eight years ago. There has been plenty written about the area just across the new Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, but we had a chance to sit down with Romano earlier this week and wanted to share his vision first hand.

Our first conversation discussed the new Hofmann Hots which opened its doors today. You can read about that here. We did nab plenty of information that we were asked not to share yet pending contract signatures, but those interviews are in the can and waiting for the heads up to run them on craveDFW. Here is what we discussed this week:   Continue reading


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First Look: Hofmann Hots

DSC05464by Steven Doyle

Hofmann Hots will open its doors this Friday but we have a sneak preview of what is to come. We also had a chance to chat up mega-restaurateur Phil Romano for his take on his new fast and casual hotdoggery.

Romano was excited today as many of his friends and colleagues filtered through the yet-to-open restaurant. He has a very hands on approach to the inner workings, and even delayed the opening an extra few weeks as he personally tweaked the menu to his satisfaction.   Continue reading


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