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Vegan and Vegetarian Menu at III Forks

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While many restaurants have begun offering more vegetable-forward dining, when vegetarians and vegans visit large traditional steakhouses, they’re often relegated to a bowl of pasta with steamed or sautéed vegetables.

Noted steakhouse III Forks recognizes that not all of their diners are meat eaters, but all of their diners do deserve an exceptional culinary experience.  The steakhouse has launched an expanded vegetarian and vegan menu (attached) which highlights dishes that work for either dietary choice. Items are marked on the menu as to which is vegan and which is lacto-ovo vegetarian. Continue reading

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Kalachandji’s Offers A Cuisine Unlike Any In Dallas

kalachandjisby Steven Doyle

One of my first visits to Kalachandji’s was as a college student, and it was Thanksgiving. The meal included a visit to the Krishna temple escorted by one of the many devotees who live in the neighboring homes. With the meal we enjoyed a tofu turkey, which was actually much more delicious than it sounds. Although the spice level is very minimal, the repast was elegant and flavorful. We dined in the open air patio which is centered inside the restaurant.

During subsequent visits I was shown more of the cuisine, and always have a great sampling at the luncheon buffet which is excellently curated by the cooks, setting out just enough for the guests as necessary as not to compromise the quality of the food.   Continue reading

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Fearing’s New Fall Menu Includes Fresh Vegetarian Dishes

by Steven Doyle

Dean Fearing is kicking his menu in to Fall gear as he adds a handful of new items to the menu, including two vegetarian dishes that would please anyone. Check out the new menu items at Fearing’s located in the Ritz-Carlton in Uptown Dallas.

The vegetarian dishes include Pan-Fried Vegetable Ramen with Shiitake Mushroom Spring Roll and Cucumber/Thai Basil Relish and a  Moroccan Style Vegetable Couscous with Red Pepper Harissa and Toasted Pistachios. Continue reading

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Cosmic Cafe

By Joy Zhang

There are days when you wake up, feeling the need for a sense of renewal. With the stress from work, relationships, personal struggles within yourself – a break is needed every once in a while to silence it all. Cosmic Café is one of my favorite places to do that. It’s a place where you leave all worries at the door and prepare to be whisked away to another spiritual dimension. Continue reading


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