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Doktor Klaw And The Lobster Caper

sargentby Steven Doyle

I just came across this story on America Public Media’s food blog called The Splendid Table where they interview a man named Ben Sargent who ran a double underground lobster roll business. This is the stuff Seinfeld would have loved. After running two failed restaurants Sargent wet underground selling his now famous lobster rolls out of his basement. After the Fire Marshall busted him for his over-the-top propane usage Sargent took to the streets where he would get odd phone calls to sell his rolls in these clandestine locations.  Continue reading

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Tesar Gives You A Knuckle Sandwich For Lunch

IMG_2915by Steven Doyle

I know we recently chatted up the lunch service at Spoon Bar and Kitchen, but after a visit this afternoon just before the rains drifted in and out of the area I relished with a few friends at the beautiful little restaurant in Preston Center.

There were a few items I needed to taste, and one I wolf a full portion. The last time I was in was for a media tasting and one of my table mates ordered the ramen, so I went in a different direction. As we discussed at our table today, there can be no wrong orders since everything is perfectly delicious. But I wanted a whole bowl of that ramen. Continue reading


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20 Feet Seafood Joint Floats Our Boat

Exterior1by Steven Doyle   photos by Joey Stewart

All good things are worth the wait, and for seafood lovers in East Dallas this never rang truer than for 20 Feet Seafood Joint owned and operated by Marc Cassel and his lovely chef-partner Susan Fries, to whom he is engaged. The tiny restaurant located next to two East Dallas sweethearts, Good 2 Go Taco and Goodfriend Beer Garden and Burger House has already made quite the splash with local residents and foodmongers. There is a good reason why, the food is delicious and very affordable.       Continue reading


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TJ’s Has The Best Lobster Roll In Dallas

by Steven Doyle

Last week we were first on the scene to chat with TJ’s Seafood Market owner, Jon Alexis. He gave us a grand your and we met his new staff. Read about that here if you missed that conversation. Yesterday we stopped by during TJ’s soft opening for further inspection and to taste what Mr. Alexis has been discussing with us for many months now, the lobster roll.   Continue reading


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