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A Special Christmas Eve With Dean Fearing


Fearing’s will celebrate the 2015 holiday season with a special Christmas Eve Dinner to feature three courses of seasonal favorites along with the restaurant’s cherished take-home cookies for Santa.

Christmas Eve festivities will also include à la carte lunch service between 1130am. and 3:30pm on December 24. The restaurant is closed to the public on December 25. The Three-Course Holiday Dinner: 5:00pm to 8:30pm and costs $100 for adults, $30 for children 12 and under. Excludes beverage, tax and gratuity. We typically suggest  those looking for Christmas Day dining to check out the hotels, but note that the Ritz-Carlton is limiting dining to only guests of the hotel that day.   Continue reading

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The Big Cats Get Their Day


by Andrew Chalk

There are now more tigers in captivity than there are surviving in the wild. That sobering fact will come as a shock event to those aware that big cat populations are being decimated. The lion is now confined to a few stretches of Africa and has global population estimates in the tens of thousands at best. That is down from more than half a million when reliable record-keeping started.

IMG_2657Clay version of the above bronze

Reversing the decline of big cat populations and the inevitability of the extinction of one or more of the species within our lifetimes has become a cause celebre for National Geographic. They are campaigning on all fronts: on-the-ground prevention projects, public awareness campaigns and, most importantly, public education to bring the cause to public attention (for example, Big Cat Week starts November 29th on NatGeo). The slogan is “Cause an uproar”.    Continue reading

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craveRADIO: Meet Dean Fearing, Charlie Pap and James Jordan


by Steven Doyle  photos by Robert Bostick  

Another beautiful day in the neighborhood as the craveRADIO staff hosted another slate of fantastic guests. This week we had on the charming and talented Chef Dean Fearing from Fearing’s in the beautiful Ritz Carlton Dallas in Uptown. We had a spirited conversation about wine, women and song, as well as BBQ and that one time when Fearing almost murdered the most beloved woman on earth, Julia Child. Fearing also chats with us about his new Fall menu which is about to debut any day now. We also chatted about certain menu items which can never, ever go away. Think lobster tacos, his legendary tortilla soup and that amazing banana pudding that just makes you feel at home.    Continue reading

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Fearing’s Celebrates 6th Anniversary with a True BBQ Bash

DSC09306by Melissa Robert                    photos by Steven Doyle

Sunday night brought cooler weather with a pleasant departure from the scorching heat that Dallas residents anticipate through the end of August. But, if you happened to be enjoying that lovely weather at Fearing’s inside the Ritz-Carlton, you were also in attendance at a truly wonderful barbecue event to commemorate the restaurant’s 6th anniversary. Like any good birthday party, some fantastic guests were in attendance. Deep Ellum Brewing Company was on-hand to present several local ale offerings. And well, doesn’t a Dallas Blonde pair well with BBQ?

The co-host of the evening was none other than Chris Lilly, barbecue legend in his own right. Hailing from Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q in Decatur, Alabama, Chris told me he’s inspired by all types of food and wants to bring diners, “not just your ordinary barbecue, and hopefully something Texas has never seen before.”

So I had to ask what enticed him to cook in Dallas. “Fearing’s and Dean are all about bold flavors… Dean has these, rich, bold, in-your-face flavors” Lilly exclaimed. With a rich family history in barbecue, multiple championships, and a secret white barbecue sauce, it’s clear that Chris Lilly was the right man to help ring in another year of celebrated food here at Fearing’s.   Continue reading

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Fearing’s New Fall Menu Includes Fresh Vegetarian Dishes

by Steven Doyle

Dean Fearing is kicking his menu in to Fall gear as he adds a handful of new items to the menu, including two vegetarian dishes that would please anyone. Check out the new menu items at Fearing’s located in the Ritz-Carlton in Uptown Dallas.

The vegetarian dishes include Pan-Fried Vegetable Ramen with Shiitake Mushroom Spring Roll and Cucumber/Thai Basil Relish and a  Moroccan Style Vegetable Couscous with Red Pepper Harissa and Toasted Pistachios. Continue reading

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Fearing Celebrates Five Years

by Steven Doyle

Guests swarmed the Dallas Ritz-Carlton Hotel to help celebrate Chef Dean Fearing’s fifth anniversary of the move from his legendary stint at the Mansion to open his own namesake restaurant Fearing’s.

One very important guest was barbecue chef Chris Lilly from Big Bob Gibson Bar-B-Q in Decatur, Alabama who was on hand to ply the hungry crowd with his special brand of smoke. The pair of chefs met at the South Beach Food and Wine Festival two years ago and hit it off immediately.       Continue reading

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