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Dallas Mavericks Celebrate All Things Dirk


The Dallas Mavericks are celebrating all things Dirk Nowitzki over the next week as the legendary player wraps-up his 21st season in Dallas. Continue reading

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Celebrate Festivus in Dallas

by Steven Doyle

Festivus is a holiday created by the writers of the now syndicated television program, Seinfeld. The wildly popular show featured the weekly antics of Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer as they battled through life in New York City. Often times they would be disturbed from their self indulgences forced to interact with their parents. One particular episode the viewers discovered a quirky holiday made up by the father of George Costanza, Frank.

Most of what was written into the television program was based on real life, and this is true with Festivus. In real life Festivus dates back to 1966 when Dan O’Keefe, former editor of Reader’s Digest decided that Christmas was too commercial to celebrate. Years later O’Keefe’s son, Daniel, would write for the series and included it into a script that ran in December, 1987.   Continue reading

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Party Is At Dish Tonight

Patio Party Launch_Blast_finalby Steven Doyle

Patios are the rage in Dallas; covered patios even more so once temps bust the century mark. You can imagine how excited I became when I heard that Dish gussied up their patio. I was at Dish for brunch this past Sunday and it looked fab. Now there is a party to celebrate.         Continue reading

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How To Celebrate Bastille Day In Dallas

by Steven Doyle

The French get a lot of razzing from Americans, but fact is if it weren’t for the French we might all still be speaking with a nasty English accent and have very bad teeth. The French were vital  for the Americans to win the Revolutionary War. But to be fair we did give them Jerry Lewis.

This weekend we will celebrate Bastille Day, the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille fortress-prison which was seen as a symbol of the uprising of the modern nation.

There will be several Bastille celebrations in Dallas  and we want to share ways you might want to party and enjoy the day.       Continue reading

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