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Knife’s John Tesar Brings Romance To Your Home (Recipe)

Steak-au-poivreby John Tesar

A pan sauce can’t be made completely ahead of time; it requires the cooking of the meat itself to provide the integral flavoring. It’s a classic fundamental technique, though, that should be in every home cook’s arsenal. At Knife, we make the pan sauce from France (poivre is French for “pepper”)—but you can use the technique with shallots, garlic, mustard, cognac, or whatever you want. Continue reading

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Your Cold Weather Arsenal: The Poutine Cheeseburger


by Dennis Prescott

Here it is. The One. My burger love letter to the Great White North. Canadian pride in cheeseburger form. Cheesy, saucy, deliciousness. The perfect cold day indulgence.   Continue reading

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Celebrate Fat Tuesday With King Cake Vodka

Image:by Steven Doyle

Has vodka finally jumped the shark? Maybe not if you are a fan of the Mardi Gras dessert, the King Cake. You remember the garishly bright cake with its neon striations and a tiny plastic baby tucked away for good measure. Now Pinnacle Vodka is offering a seasonal flavor, the King Cake Vodka.

The special sweet hooch is only available in three states, Louisiana, Texas and Missouri. The special holiday blend from Pinnacle has hints of cinnamon cake, creamy vanilla frosting, and sugar flavors. Sounds terrific, right?

If the saints get you motivated to march into your home bar to create a Fat Tuesday cocktail we have a few recipes below.  Continue reading

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Celebrate With Great Joy National Pie Day In Dallas

DSC05160by Steven Doyle

I have these lovely country loving Amish friends who when you see them will regale you with pie.  These are by far the best pie bakers in the pie loving universe, and they do their magic without the means of a modern kitchen. It is a loving relationship that began with a slice of raisin cream pie. This is how all relationships should begin.

Today is National Pie Day, and I believe this springs up several times each year. No matter, it is a wonderful time to grab a slice or two around town, and of course, we have a list.

Continue reading

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Celebrate National Soup Month: Battuto’s Cauliflower and Garlic Soup

Cauliflower Soup with Roasted Garlic photo Julie Gatesby Steven Doyle

It is National Soup Month, and each week in January we will be featuring one of our DFW favorites, including a recipe. Today we are featuring Battuto’s Cauliflower and Garlic Soup that is super rich and delicious, but surprisingly has no cream. This is actually a super healthy 110 calorie soup option that Gene and Julie Gates serve at their restaurant throughout the year, but particularly wonderful now as it can take the edge off the wintry chill.

Not much of a home cook? Stop by Battuto this month and get free refills on the soup.  Here is the recipe: Continue reading

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We Are Celebrating National Soup Month With A Rahr Beer Cheese Recipe

Beer-Cheese-Soupby Steven Doyle

January is National Soup Month, and we will be sharing plenty of our favorite soups found throughout Dallas and Fort Worth in coming weeks. You know we love a good craft beer and was offered this delicious recipe from our friend, Executive Chef Jason Harper at Trio Café in Colleyville. Go buy a few six packs of the Ugly Pug, our favorite Rahr & Sons brew. You will want to serve the beer with the soup, of course.

Continue reading

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The Heisenberg Recipe Revealed

breaking badby Steven Doyle

You have watched Breaking Bad and now you want the Heisenberg. It is the good stuff, and it is blue.

Breaking Bad has been nominated for nearly everything a television series could possibly want including best in a Drama Series, Directing in a Drama Series, Writing for a Drama Series, Lead Actor in a Drama Series, Supporting Actor in a Drama Series, and Supporting Actress in a Drama Series. Now we have the recipe for your own blue crystals that you can make at home and enjoy while watching the latest season.   Continue reading

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