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ZENse Thai For Bright Colors And Flavor

DSC09712by Steven Doyle

This past weekend on craveRADIO we hosted Chef Tiffany Derry who raved about a restaurant that at one time she lived very close to. ZENse Thai is located on MacArthur Blvd, and in a shopping center where there are mostly Indian restaurants and shops, which makes this Thai restaurant a stand out. It just happens that the food is incredible. Derry is so taken with the restaurant that she often stages at ZENse to “sharpen her wok skills”.

Derry was kind enough to extend an invitation for lunch yesterday and we happily agreed. Along for lunch was co-host Uno Immaninvong who has an affinity for Thai having grown up with these flavors. We were also able to use Chef Uno to listen in to the kitchen talk which was not nearly as amusing as I had hoped. It was all work for the ladies who run ZENse.   Continue reading

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craveRADIO: Meet Chef Tiffany Derry and Jonathan Wingo from Belvanie

radio1by Steven Doyle  photos by Robert Bostick

If you missed craveRADIO this past Sunday, you missed a whole lot of talking. We had chef darling Tiffany Derry in the studio, and she was talking up her new television program that will soon be premiering on Spike TV, Hunger Investors. This new program will pit two restaurant gems in the rough and have them compete for a barrel full of cash to make improvements to their menu, service and ultimately their bottom line.

Tiffany was kind enough to chat through our many Top Chef questions, and was particularly interesting to hear about her many other under-takings as a speaker as  she travels across the country inspiring students that they are able to make their mark as a chef, or any other career that they might be interested in.    Continue reading

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Tiffany Derry To Co-Star On Weekly Spike TV Series Hunger Investors

tiffanyby Steven Doyle

Wondering what Chef Tiffany Derry has been up to? The good chef is now part of a new program on Spike TV called Hungry Investors which seeks out and helps “diamond in the rough” failing restaurants meet their potential.

Spike TV has ordered 10 one-hour episodes. The series, produced by Eyeworks USA, goes into production this fall and will premiere in spring 2014.  Continue reading

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Join Tiffany Derry For A Mess Of Crawfish

DSC08132by Steven Doyle

Curious what Chef Tiffany Derry is up to these days? You now have a chance to ask her yourself. Join Derry at her crawfish boil next Saturday, June 22, 2013 from 11am to 3pm at Azure on Belt Line in Addison.  Continue reading

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Tiffany Derry Consulting At Bowen’s Cafe Expresso

Tiffany_Derryby Steven Doyle

I was at dinner last night when a friend slipped me a note saying that Tiffany Derry, formerly of Private Social, was to take over the kitchen at Bowen’s Cafe Expresso. I immediately sent Derry a text, who is working in Atlanta for a few days, and she confirmed that she was doing some consulting work for Italian kitchen.  We agreed to chat on Wednesday, but today she made an announcement on Facebook, where all the really cool cheffy information comes from it would seem. Continue reading


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Derry Leaves Private Social, Natera Joins Marquee

aDSC_3825by Steven Doyle

There has been some crazy in the air the past few weeks. I  have been getting notes from all sorts of industry people the last ten days or so stating that Tiffany Derry was leaving Private Social. When I  finally sent a note to the restaurant’s publicist it wasn’t more than two hours later I read about the news on the Eats Blog.  We wish Tiffany the very best as she works out her new routine.

I think Tiffany is one classy cookie who can cook like no one else, and it will be interesting to see what she does next. I do recall her telling me about her own television program that was possibly in the works.

If the rumor mill is even close to being correct there is more afoot at Private Social that should extremely interesting. Continue reading

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