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Chino Pop-Up Recap and Slideshow

uno4by Steven Doyle       photos by James Gates

Last weekend we were invited to stop in and enjoy the festivities at 3015 in Trinity Groves where chef Uno Immanivong and her cocktailing biz partner Adrian Verdin hosted an evening that previewed and highlighted the menu from Chino Chinatown, their Asian-Latin fusion restaurant that should be rolling out in August 2013.

Guests were delighted by the marvelous service, and colorful and flavor-packed dishes prepared by Uno and her pop-up staff. The beautiful “pho”zole was single handedly an enormous hit, and how could she miss with her bone marrow broth, braised oxtail and hominy for a true fusion win. The flavors meld together so wonderfully.  Continue reading

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Cooking Classes at 3015:Week 6 (Final)

TGdessertsby Robyn Folmar

Monday was the final night of the 3015 Trinity Groves Cooking School and I ate three desserts for dinner. We made éclairs, crème brûlée and a lemon tart with shortbread crust, which I’m pretty sure beats the bowl of Rice Chex and almond milk you threw down.

After the team huddle, we started on the shortbread crust for the tart since it needed time to assemble, chill, bake and then cool. Basically this is just a giant shortbread cookie that is topped with a tangy and sweet lemon curd.  If you get a bag full of soul-crushing dry lemons, microwave them for a few seconds to loosen them up before you break your fingers trying to release the juice. It’s a good tip and works.   Continue reading

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Cooking Classes At 3015: Week 3

stirfryclass3by Robyn Folmar

Class Three at 3015 Trinity Groves Cooking School involved butter. Lots and lots of butter; clarified butter, pats of butter, ladles of butter. And cream. It was a heart buster and I don’t see any reason why nobody serves beurre blanc in milkshake glasses.

Check out Week One and Week Two

We made sautéed trout with beurre blanc, veal piccata, and stir-fried shrimp with jasmine rice.  Although it only looked like three main dishes, one could make about 15 different meals with these basic recipes. You know it’s a def class when somebody says, “This is the best white rice I’ve ever had.” If the white rice is good….                      Continue reading


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Luck To Open In Trinity Groves

DSC05704by Steven Doyle

We received word very late Friday afternoon about another new concept working its way into Trinity Groves. Luck will be craft beer inspired kitchen, and is owned by Jeff Dietzman, Daniel Pittman and Ned Steel. The threesome plan to open early summer as more restaurants in Trinity Groves will be rolling out new concepts in stages.

Luck will feature American regional cuisine and promote breweries within a 50 mile radius. They will not be serving beer in cans or bottles, strictly brews from their 40 taps.   Continue reading


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Phil Romano Talks To Us About Trinity Groves

DSC05489by Steven Doyle

Today the second of many restaurants will open in Trinity Groves, the up and coming hot spot which was the brainchild of Phil Romano which was conceptualized nearly eight years ago. There has been plenty written about the area just across the new Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, but we had a chance to sit down with Romano earlier this week and wanted to share his vision first hand.

Our first conversation discussed the new Hofmann Hots which opened its doors today. You can read about that here. We did nab plenty of information that we were asked not to share yet pending contract signatures, but those interviews are in the can and waiting for the heads up to run them on craveDFW. Here is what we discussed this week:   Continue reading


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First Look: Hofmann Hots

DSC05464by Steven Doyle

Hofmann Hots will open its doors this Friday but we have a sneak preview of what is to come. We also had a chance to chat up mega-restaurateur Phil Romano for his take on his new fast and casual hotdoggery.

Romano was excited today as many of his friends and colleagues filtered through the yet-to-open restaurant. He has a very hands on approach to the inner workings, and even delayed the opening an extra few weeks as he personally tweaked the menu to his satisfaction.   Continue reading


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