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MartiniFest This Saturday

martiniby Steven Doyle

Cool River is having a martini party and they are inviting you. Here you can choose from 20 different vodkas from around the world and sip away. There will be plenty of mixologists and brand reps to tend to your needs, including the Aylesbury Duck Vodka with Jason Kosmas in the house.

In addition to the martinis chef Rodman Shields will be sending out passed appetizers for the crowd to enjoy. The cost of the evening is $25 in advance, which includes tax and gratuity, or $29.95 at the door, which does not include tax and gratuity. There will also be plenty of giveaways and raffles for fun items.

The evening starts at 7:30 tomorrow, Saturday August 17, 2013.

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Customized Holiday Cocktail Party From Jason Kosmas

Jason-Kosmasby Crave Staff

Whether you are having friends over for dinner or organizing an office cocktail party, the choice of drinks is always a difficult one in creating a unique experience. Local award wining mixologist, Jason Kosmas will help you. For the month of December Mr. Kosmas is giving away his expertise. He will provide you with customized cocktail recipes and drink ideas for your holiday party, dinner or get together with the purchase of any of his crafted spirits; Aylesbury Duck Vodka, Caña Brava Rum and Fords Gin.  Continue reading

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Cocktail Fun At Bolsa Thursday Evening

by Steven Doyle

New season, new menus and Bolsa isn’t immune. Nor is the bar at Bolsa, which we happen to adore. Lead barman Kyle Hilla gave me a call yesterday to fill me in on the new menu aspects and wanted to invite out the craveDFW readers who enjoy a toddy or two.   Continue reading

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Behind The Stick: Emily Roxanne Perkins

by Jason Kosmas

Most people might be surprised to know that my first stint in town was actually at The Porch on Henderson. Coming from New York City, I couldn’t have found a better transition to Big D. Most people might also be surprised to know that The Porch’s cocktail program was set up by bartenders from Milk & Honey.

Now, many of the cocktails have changed as some of the bartenders but philosophy has always been consistent at the bar: well made-easy to understand cocktails, craft beers and an approachable yet adventuresome wine list. All this served by friendly engaging bartenders.   Continue reading

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Behind The Stick: Sundown At The Granada’s Josh Hendrix

by Jason Kosmas

Sundown at the Granada is a true revitalization of the once deteriorating Greenville Avenue. Boasting local and seasonal dishes, many vegetarian options and craft beers, it also can be proud of Josh Hendrix. There is something very innocent about Josh Hendrix yet at the same time you feel like you are talking to the reincarnation of Hunter S. Thompson. He has an unyielding child-like passionate for the craft of making great cocktails that makes you feel good about what you are drinking.

This adds up to pride without arrogance and Josh delivers straight-forward well thought out drinks on his menu at Sundown. He is eager to learn and to pass on what he has discovered to others. I shared some drinks with Josh at the Granada and we talked about how he got into the craft of cocktail making. Hopefully this interview will get me a chance to bartend for the band JJ Grey and Mofro who is playing at the Granada on October 26th (yes Josh, I was serious).          Continue reading

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Behind the Stick: The Libertine’s Mate Hartai

by Jason Kosmas

The first time I had a conversation with Mate Hartai was a late night at the Windmill Lounge. Everything we talked about quickly went under a microscope-getting into the finer details of each subject. Music, bartending, food, it quickly occurred to me that Mate was the kind of guy that had to know the science and physics of everything he was passionate about. Some people exude passion in different ways. For him, he was beyond childhood curiosity with every subject he put his mind to and that level of dedication is out of pure appreciation and respect.

Mate has been the driving force behind The Libertine Bar on Greenville for over 3 years now. He was quick to point out that even though he put his full energy behind every aspect of this unassuming neighborhood joint, he is only continuing the work set up by the owners. Mate is great guy to “wax intellectual” with and has that timeless bartender sage persona from his facial hair to the dry wit of his social commentary.  Continue reading


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