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Chef Dodds Releases His Central 214 Menu

by Steven Doyle

The latest news on the PR tour is news that Graham Dodds, the new executive toque at Central 214, has his new menus lined up. Working with a variety of partnerships that Dodds has established over the past two decades, the new Central 214 menus will highlight ingredients from local and regional farms including: Caprino Royale; Texas Olive Ranch; Texas Honeybee Guild; Eden Creek Farm; Tom Spicer; Tassione Farms; Windy Hill Organics; Homestead Heritage; Windy Meadows Farm; Eagle Mountain Cheese; Veldhuizen Family Farm; Brazos Valley Cheese; and Marbleous Beef. All names we have reported on in the past and are excited to see scattered across the new menu.     Continue reading

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Sunday Brunch: Blue Plate

by Joy Jangles

With a new year ahead of us, we’re full of new ideas and changes. We’ve become more curious – especially about our food: pushing to connect to our roots again, striving to find the true origins of our ingredients and living life consciously with good energy all around.

At Rathbun’s Blue Plate Kitchen, Chef Rathbun transforms his food memories into his very own version of comfort cooking – where ingredients are seasonal, local whenever possible, and always crafted with the same kind of love and attention that mom would give you as a child.                Continue reading


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Old Fashioned “Barn” Raising

     photos by Susan Pollard

The weather couldn’t have been ordered up more perfectly than it was delivered for the “Barn” Raising event at Eden’s Organic Garden Center & CSA Farm in Balch Springs yesterday. Everyone, it seems, loves fresh, natural, “yard-eggs”. Marie was selling her eggs through her CSA and on-farm market, when the supply was sufficient. Availability can be a real problem, however, when predators moved in to her urban farm where her chickens enjoy total and absolute “free-range”. “The recent drought has moved predators in much closer than ever before in the 10 years there have been chickens here.” Says, Marie Tedei, owner of Eden’s.   Continue reading

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Shop, Wine and Dine This Weekend

by Steven Doyle

We have a few shout outs for the weekend and think you might enjoy a few of these.  There are a few things going on that you might enjoy.

First let us mention that we saw Miguel Vicéns and John Paul Valverde owners of Campo Modern Country Bistro  last night and they wanted to let everyone know they do indeed have a liquor license. There were just a few days in the beginning that they did not have one, but now you can enjoy the cocktail program designed by Brad Hensarling of Fort Worth’s The Usual at the new Oak Cliff restaurant.  

Saturday you can start your Christmas shopping by purchasing wares from local artisans at the Dallas Flea, the occasional market located in the Southside of Lamar at 1409 S. Lamar. Here you will find amazing clothing, jewelry, food and vintage wear all under one room and made by some super cool locals.   Continue reading

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Upcoming Events You Won’t Want to Miss

by Steven Doyle

There are some pretty special events coming up and we wanted to make sure you had the scoop so you may make plans accordingly.

Mozzarella Company: Lidia Bastianich will join the crew at the cheese factory on November 29th to celebrate her new cookbook Lidia’s Italy in America, and she will be making cheese and sipping Bastianich Wines. The event is from 3pm to 4pm. Contact Mozzarella Company for more details.

Whiskey Cake: There are several really special events coming up at Whiskey Cake, so mark your calendars accordingly.  Continue reading

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Artizone’s Dinner in a Garden

by Crave Staff        photo by Steven Doyle, Dallas’ own online shopping website and home delivery service has paired up with David Anthony Temple (aka Chef DAT) and Tom Spicer for “Dinner in the Garden,” Sunday, October 30 at 5pm benefitting The Family Place.

Using the freshest produce from Artizone supported local farms including Spiceman’s FM 1410, artisanal shops and small businesses, Chef DAT will compose a one of a kind dinner concerto in 5 movements, to be performed in Spiceman’s urban garden with an orchestra of wines to match.              Continue reading

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Couple Lost in Corn Maze

by Steven Doyle

Last Monday while most of the country was happily celebrating Columbus Day a young couple and their 3-month old child entered a corn maze  for their first family on a farm just outside of Boston.

The family entered the maze Monday afternoon and later that evening the family was still wandering the maze, scared, hungry and bitten by mosquitoes so they finally decided to call 911 an hour after the maze had closed for the day.  Continue reading

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