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Elbow Room To Re-Open Mid January

DSC01868by Steven Doyle

Back in September I reported that the Elbow Room had shuttered. Today I am told that the Elbow Room will re-open with new owners and most likely look and feel exactly the same. Many of the same bartenders and waitresses will join the team. In the past weeks I have run into a few of the alumni working at various bars across Dallas and they loved and miss the venue.   Continue reading


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Win This: Charlie Papaceno Wants To Bartend At Your Private Party

charlieby Steven Doyle

The first gift we are offering to our readers dabbles in Human Trafficking. We offer you one of the best bartenders in Dallas. Charlie Papaceno is well known in the cocktailing community as the amiable and bright star at the Windmill Lounge. Charlie not only makes a proper pot of chili, but he also mixes a fantastic cocktail.   Continue reading


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Rest In Peace, Keith

by Steven Doyle

I was to report some news this morning from a local barman and friend, Keith LaBonte, owner of Four Lounge.  I was to discuss the expansion of the State and Allen bar expanding, but instead of the happy news I am now to report that Keith has passed away.

Keith Thomas LaBonte was passionate about his work as the quirky bar owner who made such notorious concoctions as his cotton candy martini that was laced with champagne.   Continue reading


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Behind the Stick: The Libertine’s Mate Hartai

by Jason Kosmas

The first time I had a conversation with Mate Hartai was a late night at the Windmill Lounge. Everything we talked about quickly went under a microscope-getting into the finer details of each subject. Music, bartending, food, it quickly occurred to me that Mate was the kind of guy that had to know the science and physics of everything he was passionate about. Some people exude passion in different ways. For him, he was beyond childhood curiosity with every subject he put his mind to and that level of dedication is out of pure appreciation and respect.

Mate has been the driving force behind The Libertine Bar on Greenville for over 3 years now. He was quick to point out that even though he put his full energy behind every aspect of this unassuming neighborhood joint, he is only continuing the work set up by the owners. Mate is great guy to “wax intellectual” with and has that timeless bartender sage persona from his facial hair to the dry wit of his social commentary.  Continue reading


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Tales Of The Cocktail 2012

by Steven Doyle

This year marks the tenth anniversary of Tales of the Cocktail, the largest bartending convention in the world, held each year in New Orleans. Last year we brought you up-to-the-minute coverage as our reporters on the scene slugged through many dozens of hospitality suites, sampling the latest in cocktails.

This year we have more correspondents attending Tales and a few well respected photographers that will bring us great news and glad tidings from the Crescent City, including the newest addition of a Dallas cocktail event taking place Wednesday morning.             Continue reading

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Win VIP Passes To Craft Cocktails Texas

by Steven Doyle

Yesterday it was announced that the coveted VIP passes for the 4-day Craft Cocktails Texas were marked to $99 to entice crowds to enjoy all the events at a very special price. This enables you to join in on all the VIP party Thursday evening, industry seminars, tastings and the big Saturday event downtown that will feature bands, classic cocktails and sun.  Continue reading


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Meet Central 214’s Lead Bartender Amber West

by Steven Doyle

As we have reported in the past, changes have occurred at Central 214 with the addition of Graham Dodds in the kitchen bringing his own remarkable spin on the farm to table cooking. Along with his wonderful menu (and we take a look at the latest incarnation of this menu early next week) Dodds  also recruited a special bartender, Amber West.

West comes from an incredible culinary family. You may recognize her brother Adam West most recently at ZaZa’s Dragonfly in Dallas, and since promoted as the executive chef at Monarch in Houston. Both siblings in the West family appreciate farm fresh ingredients and seek them out with enthusiasm.    Continue reading


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