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The Judge’s Table: Cafe Momentum At FT33

10_2013_03_Momentum_Ft33-9627by David Indorf    photos by Robert Bostick

How do you sell out one of the country’s hottest restaurants with a prix fixe menu at $100 per plate? Secure in the knowledge that you will have 100% attendance with dozens more clamoring for tickets. Oh, and did I forget to mention that this little miracle occurs in the span of 20 seconds? It’s actually rather simple. You open your restaurant to Café Momentum, the concept developed to train young men detained in the Dallas County Youth Village in the culinary arts from the ground up.    Continue reading

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Barn Aid 2012 is Sunday, October 14

by Jennifer Thomas

Barn Aid is an annual event intended to educate our community and raise awareness and support for local food producers, small farming and sustainability in DFW and North Texas through fellow organizations working to better our food security in DFW.  The event is being put on by volunteers and fellow small producers in the local food community.

Barn Aid was originally created in 2008 after a tornado struck CSA farm owner Marie Tedei’s farm and her more than 50-year-old barn. Tedei’s friends and neighbors homes and property nearby were also heavily damaged. To help raise money for the disaster Tedei and Jenice Johnson created Barn Aid which is held each year at Eden’s Organic Garden center and CSA. Continue reading


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Luscher Spotted Cooking At Bolsa Mercado

by Steven Doyle

We have been enjoying the dinner for two at Bolsa Mercado, especially on guest chef night which happens to be today. The premise behind the guest chef night is that a different chef will offer a boxed dinner for two each Thursday evening, and the proceeds benefit Café Momentum.

Each chef has been asked to incorporate produce grown in the garden of the Dallas County Youth Village within their menus. This week  Bolsa Mercado is featuring the food stylings of The Grape’s own Brian Luscher.         Continue reading

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214’s Dodds Does Momentum

 photos by Robert Bostick

Last weekend we turned another page in the history of Café Momentum with Chef Graham Dodds working his magic at Central 214 for a capacity crowd with all proceeds going to burgeoning charity.

Café Momentum is a program that has been created within the Dallas County Youth Village, where the young men learn basic culinary skills. Upon completion of the program, the students can graduate to paid positions.      Continue reading

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Guest Chefs Line Up At Bolsa Mercado To Benefit Cafe Momentum

by Steven Doyle

Earlier this week we announced that Bolsa Mercado would be serving their normal dinner for two offered each evening but with the twist of a guest chef with proceeds going to Cafe Momentum. Today we have the list of chefs who will be offering their expertise to the cause.           Continue reading

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Bolsa To Offer Dinners Prepared By Guest Chefs Benefits Cafe Momentum

by Steven Doyle

Bolsa Mercado will soon be offering their chef-to-go dinners prepared by local guest chefs. The list of chefs should be available by the end of the week. Word is that proceeds from these special dinners will go to benefit Café Momentum. This will be a special way for you to help out the great cause and to get a special dinner for two at home prepared by one of your favorite chefs.    Continue reading

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Momentum Reaches Important Landmark

by Steven Doyle    photos by Robert Bostick

It has been a full year for Café Momentum. This week we shared with the joys of the young organization as it lifted up its accomplishments with the same beaming happiness that any proud mother or father might. This past Sunday there were big announcements, bigger surprises and shared joy for each who attended the full-circle dinner with Café Momentum’s first guest chef, Jeffrey Hobbs at his new restaurant, Sissy’s Southern Kitchen and Bar.

Some of the surprises included a fat check from Whole Foods after they earmarked a percentage of a single day’s profit from their Lakewood store. The check would total $4413.00, but was raised to an even $5000 by an exuberant guest. Café Momentum has many of generous guests like this couple as they get ever closer to their goal in raising enough funds to open a brick and mortar restaurant to support these boys in their hour of need.            Continue reading

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